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Theory is all very well. But there comes a time when you need to gain some practical experience. And get to grips with some exciting challenges. Where? On a Daimler internship. Either before or during your studies. In Germany or another country.

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First question: what do you want to learn?

What kind of challenges do you want to get to grips with? Whether it's the alternative engine technologies of tomorrow, or manufacturing efficiency, negotiation skills for purchasing, or fleet management finance options, our range of internships is as broad as you'd expect from a global technology leader.

Second question: where?

Daimler offers internships at various sites in Germany and abroad. To find out more about the different internships, check out our Job searchor talk to the contact person on the Daimler website. So it's really up to you whether the first words you'll hear every day are guten Morgen, good morning or buenos días.

Thirdly: the details.

You can do an internship either before or during your degree. If you are applying for a pre-course or initial internship, you must supply a copy of the program for your chosen course. For an internship during your studies, you'll need a valid enrollment certificate as well as any other documents that we may require. For an internship that forms an integral part of your degree, you'll also need confirmation from your university.

Internships generally last two to six months. Remuneration depends on the type of internship and the labor regulations in the relevant country.

General Information

If the entry requirements of your chosen course include completing a pre-course or initial internship, than Daimler is ideally placed to help you, provided you're flexible, motivated, and a good team player.

You'll get real insights into the organizational and production processes of a global automotive manufacturer. Working in our production areas and/or our training center, you'll get your first taste of professional life. You'll get experience of different departments that are highly relevant to your area of study. In this way we'll ensure your internship meets the guidelines set out by your college or university. And you'll have a dedicated mentor to answer your questions and deal with any requests.

The positions for pre-study internships are regularly advertised on the Daimler careers website. To find out more about pre-study internships you are welcome to talk to the contact person at the relevant site

If there is an area of your studies that has particularly interested you, why not explore it further in practice? And, at the same time, put the theory you have learned to the test. An internship at Daimler involves exciting briefs and demanding projects. Needless to say, you'll be a reliable and highly motivated team player who is quick to learn.

Enhance your knowledge and skills with us – right from day one. Work as part of a team, with clearly defined goals and in innovative subject areas. Whether you're working on new types of engine, new finance models, or clean-air urban mobility concepts, every department at Daimler offers challenging projects. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will provide whatever assistance we can.

Note concerning internships in Germany:
Applicants from the European Economic Area need a valid identity card or passport. Applicants who are not citizens of the European Economic Area need a residency permit for Germany and, if applicable, a work permit.

Apply for a Daimler internship in the following regions:

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