Diversity Everyone here is the same: different.

Here at Daimler, the diversity of our workforce is an integral part of our corporate culture. All our employees are committed to it. And the potential contained in diversity is leveraged to our advantage. Because diversity is not just an end in itself. It makes a decisive contribution to the company's success.

Diversity describes the values we all have in common and what makes us different. It's the opposite of uniformity. Significant changes are happening all over the world. Gender, generational change and globalization are becoming more and more significant. At Daimler, these are changes we aim to meet head on through the diversity of our workforce.

The diversity of our employees represents huge potential in the form of talent, experience, and skills. It's a potential that we harness through active diversity management. And it help us to stay competitive. Because diversity opens up new ways of shaping our work and our products.

Diversity management

Celebrating our differences Inspiring loyalty Ensuring future viability

For a global group such as Daimler, the active promotion of diversity in the company – i.e. diversity management – is an important contributing factor in the success of the business. Whether it's global, regional or local, diversity management is first and foremost a managerial responsibility.

We believe that diverse teams can bring a more comprehensive approach to tasks and challenges and thereby help to solve them more effectively. Various measures are in place that take account of our shared values, as well as the things that set us apart, and that put them to good use.

Diversity Shapes Our Future

Daimler‘s success. Your benefit. Our responsibility.

We value diverse opinions and life styles. Our people give Daimler the power to drive innovation and shape the future of our company. For our global business, we make the most of different experiences, skills and perspectives. They reflect the diversity of our customers, suppliers, investors and our overall environment. Everyone at Daimler is committed to a working environment of appreciation and mutual respect. It is how we shape our company‘s future.

All the members of the board of management help to put these principles into practice.

A diverse approach to diversity.

In order to unite and benefit from the diversity of talent in our company as effectively as possible, we have focused our efforts on four different areas: gender diversity, generation management, internationality, and working culture. And our 11 Employee Resource Groups ensure that diversity can be experienced and supported by everyone.


Gender diversity is about men and women having equal opportunity in the workplace. Because women can make our company even more successful. And they are an important part of our market. So by 2020, it is our goal to increase the proportion of women in executive management positions across the Group worldwide to 20 percent. The implementation of this goal will be measured and documented in detail. In this way we can ensure our staffing decisions are transparent, structured, and comprehensible.

In order to reach this goal, we have developed a wide range of measures. These include various loyalty and development programs, diversity workshops, leadership events designed especially for women (and also for men and women), and several mentoring programs.

With our generation management program, we are meeting the challenge of demographic change, especially in Germany, head on. At present, there are five working generations active in the company. In order to leverage the strengths of generational diversity, we promote productive cooperation and mutual appreciation among all age groups.

There are many examples. Executive managers are trained to manage various age groups. Employees enjoy benefits related to health and ergonomics, as well as training and lifelong learning opportunities. And in 2013, in order to increase our employees' knowledge base – essential for any worldwide technology leader – we introduced the concept of senior experts. This program allows retired employees to contribute their expert knowledge in the context of a fixed-term project.

180 locations on six continents, employees from 150 countries ... it would be hard for a company to be any more international than Daimler. The cultural diversity of our workforce is

one of our strengths. It helps us to have a better understanding of the regional differences in our customers' requirements and to align our product offering accordingly. Because our customers are themselves becoming ever more diverse and international.

So we encourage an intercultural approach through global HR initiatives, mentoring programs, training and a targeted recruitment strategy. At our sites around the world, the majority of our managers are drawn from the local population. And almost one third of the recruits to CAReer, our company-wide trainee program, come from an international background. The aim is to increase that proportion to half by 2020.

Work-life balance is not just an important motivational factor. It creates a sense of loyalty to the company among our employees – employees whose potential and knowledge we value. We take this issue seriously because we are convinced that work-life balance is a key value. And we provide our staff with practical assistance.

Across Germany we have created a total of around 870 childcare places: 570 in our Little Stars crèches and 140 at the Sterntal childcare center. We also have around 160 places at various locations reserved for the children of our staff.

With these facilities closed for only two weeks per year, the aim is to make it easier for parents to maintain a balance between work and family life and to offer their children care and education of an international standard.

Employees looking after dependents can claim up to 4 years' career's leave.

Daimler AG also offers a wide range of flexible working options. Over 10,900 have various part-time arrangements.

Diversity works best when it is supported by everyone. Daimler's 11 Employee Resource Groups, each one designed to accommo- date the needs of a different set of people, help ensure that happens. In these groups, colleagues can come into direct contact with one another and experience the value that diversity management can bring to daily working life: a culture of diversity and inclusion that benefits every single person, and therefore the whole company.

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