Neutral Intermediary
In Germany, whistleblowers have an external neutral intermediary as an additional point of contact. Whistleblowers can also contact this intermediary if they have evidence to suggest severe breaches of the regulations in connection with the Daimler Group.
As an attorney, the intermediary is subject to a duty of confidentiality. Whistleblowers who wish to remain unidentified can therefore be guaranteed absolute anonymity in relation to the company.
With the whistleblower's consent, the neutral intermediary passes on the information – in anonymized form if requested – to the Business Practices Office (BPO).
The neutral intermediary can be contacted by post or e-mail.
If you have concrete evidence of severe breaches of the law or regulations in connection with the Daimler Group, you can contact the neutral intermediary using the following contact details.
Neutral Intermediary contact details
Dr. Regina Michalke
Kanzlei Rechtsanwälte Prof. Dr. Hamm und Partner
Wolfsgangstr. 92
60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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