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Group Compliance defines an annual compliance program, based on a global systematic risk analysis, which is adjusted every year. As part of this compliance program, we use different measures (such as additional training) depending on the risk situation of the individual business units. Our aim with this prevention program is to promote rule-compliant conduct and prevent misconduct, especially corruption.
In addition, our compliance program includes many other elements. In 2006, we set up a whistleblower system to investigate reports of severe breaches of laws or internal guidelines. This allows us to counter risks and prevent damage to our company and our employees. Our Business Practices Office (BPO) in Germany is being expanded with the addition of a further point of contact for whistleblowers; an external, independent Neutral Intermediary receives information about misconduct and forwards this on to the BPO, in anonymized form if requested. The transparency of our whistleblower system is very important to us. This ensures that both whistleblowers and employees affected by an accusation are dealt with fairly.
Another important part of our compliance program is represented by the integrity checks on our business partners. These checks enable us to identify global risks and to respond appropriately to potential risks together with our partners. We consider acting with integrity and complying with the rules to be essential requirements for a trusting and enduringly successful cooperation.
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