Compliance Key Aspects
Preventing and fighting corruption is a top priority for Daimler. However, compliance is not just limited to anti-corruption measures. Instead, compliance requires responsible conduct from every individual, in accordance with all significant laws, voluntary commitments and our internal policies.
To ensure and promote compliance, managers and employees receive extensive training in our global training program for integrity and compliance.  This gives employees the tools for making right decisions in difficult situations while minimizing risks.
In 2013, we rolled out a web-based training about the understanding of our shared values and our ethical principles worldwide for more than 100,000 employees. Almost 40,000 additional employees from various management levels completed a comprehensive web-based training in 2014 about integrity, compliance and legal issues.
One area of focus, for example, is to show employees how to avoid damage to assets and the company's image that could arise from corruption, fraud, embezzlement, antitrust violations or money laundering offenses. We also explain the basic principles of our company and train our employees on such topics as environmental protection, labor standards and product safety.
Since March 2015 the German locations have had a central point of contact and advice for employees with questions on integrity. The "Infopoint Integrity" also helps with other questions and gives referrals to the right contact person.
With the Daimler Compliance Academy, we offer a seminar for external compliance staff from companies in all industries. Our objective is to provide a platform for sharing experiences with compliance trends and challenges. The focus is on interactive dialog and fostering practical knowledge using fictitious case studies.
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