Standards of Business Conduct
Principles of our conduct
We have set out our standards for good business management in the "Standards of Business Conduct." They are composed of several documents and policies and are based on the company values. With these standards, Daimler has created a framework to guide staff in relation to rule-compliant conduct. The Integrity Management unit oversees the Integrity Code.
Integrity Code
The Integrity Code defines the principles of behavior and guidelines for everyday conduct at Daimler. It relates to interpersonal conduct within the company as well as conduct toward customers and business partners. Fairness, responsibility and compliance with legislation are key principles in this context. The Integrity Code is based on shared values developed in cooperation with Daimler's employees. In addition to general principles of behavior, the Integrity Code includes requirements and regulations concerning the following issues:
  • Protection of human rights
  • Compliance with laws and internal regulations
  • Appropriate conduct within the Group and in dealings with government officials, business partners and customers
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Prevention of all forms of corruption 
  • Protection of company assets
  • Principles of social responsibility
The “Principles of Social Responsibility” also form part of the Integrity Code. They are binding for the entire Group and applicable worldwide. In the “Principles of Social Responsibility”, Daimler commits itself to the principles of the UN Global Compact and thus to internationally recognized human and workers' rights, such as the prohibition of child labor and forced labor, as well as freedom of association and sustainable protection of the environment. Daimler also commits itself to guaranteeing equal opportunity and adhering to the principle of "equal pay for equal work."
The Integrity Code takes effect on November 1, 2012 and applies to all companies and employees throughout Daimler AG, replacing the previous Integrity Code.
Business Partner Brochure
For Daimler, acting with integrity is a firm requirement for a trusting partnership and cooperation. With the brochure entitled "Ethical Business. Our Shared Responsibility," Daimler declares its ethical principles and the associated expectations of its business partners. The brochure is aimed at all partners worldwide and is intended to help strengthen awareness of integrity and business ethics.
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