Combustion Engines
Optimized diesel engines
In Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, the fourth generation of common-rail direct injection (CDI) adapts fuel injection even more precisely to various conditions of load and engine speed. The higher injection pressure increases the engine’s output and, thanks to its superior combustion, reduces raw emissions. The piezo injectors also match the fuel injection to the momentary driving situation.
New Engine Generation stands for the latest interdisciplinary engine development from Daimler Trucks. The Fuso “6R10” engine complies with JP 09, currently the world’s most stringent emissions standard. This powerful engine is being used for the first time in Japan in the Fuso Super Great. All engines of the New Engine Generation (except the EPA 07) include BlueTec emission technology for a significant reduction in the emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and CO2 – and are the same time highly economical.
The New Engine Generation also powers Mercedes-Benz trucks. This already opens the door to maximum-efficiency combustion engines of the next generation, which in conjunction with BlueTec emission technology, exhaust gas recirculation, and a closed-loop diesel particulate filter will meet the Euro 6 standard.
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