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Daimler creates initiatives for the infrastructure and mobility
Daimler is supporting the establishment of a close-knit infrastructure for demand-based electromobility. However, this calls for investments that can only be shouldered through a concerted effort in conjunction with partners from the industry. According to a McKinsey study, setting up an appropriate infrastructure for around a million fuel cell vehicles in Europe by 2020 will cost about three billion euros.
The first public hydrogen filling station in the state of Baden-Württemberg at Stuttgart airport – a joint venture of OMV, Linde, and Daimler.
As part of the H2 Mobility initiative for Germany, we are expecting demand for 1,000 hydrogen filling stations; this will entail an overall investment of one billion euros. An appropriate infrastructure is also required for battery-powered vehicles. We are assuming a demand for 400,000 charging points to be installed by 2020, which calls for an investment of up to two billion euros.
Daimler will continue contributing to the development of the infrastructure
with a holistic approach, for example as a member of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) for the promotion of hydrogen as a fuel of the future. Only by this means can a convincing overall solution be realized, from the vehicles themselves up to a charging and refueling infrastructure for electricity and hydrogen.
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