Lane Keeping Assist: Always on the Right Track
Long drives will eventually cause lapses in any driver’s attention. If you are tired or simply inattentive, you can quickly find yourself “off track”. One in six serious road accidents in Germany is caused by a vehicle leaving its lane.
Active Lane Keeping Assist
Active Lane Keeping Assist for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars
The Lane Keeping Assist feature for passenger cars addresses the situation by warning the driver or even taking corrective measures automatically via ESP® as soon the system detects that the vehicle has left its lane.
Active Lane Keeping Assist: Avoidance of collisions following unintentional lane changing, also in case of broken lane markings
A camera in the windscreen films the lane in front of the vehicle and passes the data to an electronic control unit that detects the lane and markings using differences in contrast. At the same time, it determines the position of the vehicle itself. If the control unit detects that the vehicle has left the lane unintentionally, a vibration motor in the steering wheel warns the driver.
The warning is subtle but clear and can help to prevent accidents in an efficient manner. There is no warning if the driver accelerates before overtaking or joining a motorway, brakes heavily or enters a bend, for example. The Active Lane Keeping Assist in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars can also detect oncoming traffic and occupied adjacent lanes and reduce the risk of the vehicle leaving its lane unintentionally by applying the brakes on one side. As soon as the system detects a manual driving manoeuvre, it ends the automatic intervention.
Lane Keeping Assist for Mercedes-Benz Vans
Lane Keeping Assist, which is available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter since 2013, is activ at a speed of 60 km/h. If the van threatens to cross the side marking without the indicator having been activated or without parallel changes to the accelerator or brake pedal position, the control unit will conclude that the vehicle is leaving its lane unintentionally and will warn the driver with an acoustic signal.
Lane Keeping Assist for Trucks
In trucks, the Lane Keeping Assist feature works using audible, directional warning signals which make the driver aware that the vehicle’s course needs to be corrected. The audible warning signal stops if the driver indicates, but the Lane Keeping Assist function remains active, which is used at speeds greater than 60 km/h or, in other words, on longer distance routes.
The Lane Assistent for Buses
The Lane Assistant for buses shows just how intelligent and sophisticated Daimler’s safety systems are. Here, too, a camera in the windscreen monitors the vehicle to make sure it maintains the correct course in its lane. The main point of concern for the bus developers was coming up with a suitable form of warning for the driver. An audible warning of the kind used in trucks was out of the question as this would inevitably unsettle the passengers. The solution: two vibration motors integrated in the driver’s seat cushion, which make the driver aware of the situation when the vehicle crosses the detected lane markings unintentionally and also indicate on which side of the lane this has occurred. Similar to the version for trucks, the system, which can be switched off, is activated at speeds greater than 70 km/h or, in other words, on longer distance routes. As soon as the driver indicates, the warning signal is suppressed while a visual indicator in the display instrument remains active.
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