As a world first in the compact segment, the B-Class features a radar-based collision warning system with adaptive Brake Assist as standard, which can lower the risk of rear-end collisions.
COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST: The system works discreetly in the background and prompts you only in the event of a collision hazard.
The COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system is able to output a visual and acoustic warning to alert a distracted driver and prepares Brake Assist for the most precise possible braking response. This is initiated as soon as the driver emphatically operates the brake pedal.
Failure to maintain the necessary distance from other vehicles is one of the most dangerous factors relating to accidents on the road. The Collision Prevention Assist warns the driver when the distance from the vehicle ahead is too small and, at a further escalation level, when there is an acute danger of collision.
In contrast to systems currently on the market in the compact class, the new COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST feature is not merely a system intended to minimise minor damage in urban traffic. Rather, this innovative solution is aimed at protecting motorists from typical rear-end collisions in dangerous traffic situations.
Mercedes-Benz expects the new safety system to have a significant positive effect on accident statistics. On the basis of detailed analyses of accident data, Mercedes-Benz safety experts assume that around 20 percent of all rear-end collisions can be avoided with this radar-based technology, while the severity of such accidents can be reduced in a further 25 percent of cases.
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