Mercedes-Benz – The best or nothing.
Like no other trademark in the automotive sector, the Mercedes star stands for an unparalleled combination of fascination, perfection and responsibility.
New milestones in the areas of vehicle drives, safety, comfort and design
Applying a loving attention to detail, our engineers pull off the feat time and time again of developing new Mercedes-Benz models embodying the brand's hallmarks of fascination, perfection and responsibility. The coming years will see us systematically applying the Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy with our product initiative in the compact, luxury and premium segments.
The hybrid models of the E-Class marked the launch of a hybrid initiative which sees Mercedes-Benz setting new efficiency benchmarks. At Mercedes-Benz, the "premium" attribute applies to
  • look and feel
  • quality
  • style.
Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in the field of safety, rigorously pursuing its quest for accident-free driving. The overriding aim here is to avoid accidents from the outset. The integral safety concept is founded on four pillars:
  • Prevention: state-of-the-art assistance systems help the driver to concentrate on the essential task of driving.
  • Response: the vehicle identifies potential dangers in good time and helps to avoid them
  • Protection: passive safety systems minimise the consequences of accidents for passengers
  • Rescue: regular training for rescue teams and Guidelines for Rescue Services
You travel first class every time with a car from Mercedes-Benz. The brand's premium quality is also reflected in the vehicle's interior and is underscored by individual equipment lines and modern design packages.
Climb aboard, feel good and away you go – that's driving comfort, Mercedes-Benz style
Mercedes-Benz offers all-embracing connectivity. Innovative telematics and infotainment systems make the car a communications centre. With "Drive Kit Plus" and the Digital DriveStyle app developed by Mercedes-Benz, the iPhone®* is integrated in the car. This means using your mobile phone while on the move is safe and convenient.
*iPhone® 4, 4 S, in some models iPhone® 5 as well.
Mercedes-Benz championing good causes
Mercedes-Benz acknowledges its social responsibilities through extensive sports sponsorship. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation champions social change. More than 140 projects have reached 1.5 million children throughout the world, improving their lives and social circumstances significantly through sports projects.
In addition, the Laureus Academy honours the world's best sportsmen and sportswomen each year with the renowned Laureus World Sports Awards.
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