Access to information materials on bonds
The publication and dissemination of information material on Daimler bonds can be construed as marketing for these financial instruments. Therefore, advice on and sale of Daimler bonds is solely provided by banks and brokers. In case of questions regarding Daimler bonds please contact your bank or financial consultant. Also, we do not offer a forecast of upcoming bond issues.
The majority of Daimler bonds are issued under a Multi-Currency Multi-Issuer European Medium Term Note Programme. Currently, the following issuers are covered:
  • Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany
  • Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty. Ltd., Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia
  • Daimler International Finance B.V., Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Daimler Japan, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
  • Daimler Canada Finance Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Luxembourg Stock Exchange provides the up-to-date, complete and legally binding version of the prospectus as well as supplements to the prospectus of the Daimler European Medium Term Note Programme and the documentation regarding the respective issuances under this programme. This data is accessible via its internet site 
In case you are interested, we recommend that you access the information made available on the website of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. It offers reading, downloading and printing of the documents in the PDF format. A free initial registration is required to access the information.
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