Fuel Cell Drive Technology
The fuel cell powertrain
The fuel cell powertrain is a modular assembly. Various configuration concepts can thus be realized in the vehicle and the spatial design of different vehicle models taken into consideration.
While in 1994 the fuel cell system of the NECAR 1 filled the entire cargo space, the whole fuel cell system of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL is accommodated crash-safely and space-savingly in the engine compartment and vehicle underbody.
With intelligent powertrain design and optimal matching of the fuel cell system and the integrated battery, the vehicle's efficiency factor can be further considerably improved.
The fuel cell drive unit does not have to be dimensioned to cater for the electric motor's maximum load: The basic power requirements are met by the fuel cell system, and peak loads are covered by the battery, which is charged both by current from the fuel cell and by the energy recuperated during braking.
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