Fuel Cell Drive Technology
Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid: The future of local transportation
The latest fuel cell technology is also used in the Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid city bus. The hybrid system with fuel cell, electric motor, and lithium-ion batteries is characterized by outstanding environmental compatibility: This bus emits no pollutants during operation and is almost silent, so it is ideal for use in highly burdened inner-city areas and in mega-cities.
The Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid bus combines the advantages of the emission-free fuel cell with hybrid drive
On the roof are seven cylinders containing 35 kg of hydrogen in all. The water-cooled lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 27 kWh, which is sufficient to power the electric motors at a constant 120 kW (163 hp). The Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCELL Hybrid makes for permanently zero-emission local public transport and thus constitutes a key element of mobility for the future.
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