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Participation in the Annual Meeting
Participation in the Annual Meeting
Those shareholders are entitled to attend the AM and to exercise their voting rights who are listed as shareholders in the Company’s share register on the day of the AM and who have notified the Company of their intention to attend the AM such that the notification is received by the Company at the latest by 12:00 p.m. (midnight) CEST on March 27, 2015.
e-service for shareholders
The e-service for shareholders of Daimler at enables shareholders who are registered in the share register to notify the Company of their intention to attend the AM, to order or print Admission Tickets or to authorize a third party as proxy in the context of ordering Admission Tickets or to cast their vote by absentee voting without attending the AM or to issue proxy and voting instructions to the Company proxies.
Using the e-service for shareholders, he/she can also, if previously submitted or permitted in the e-service for shareholders revoke or amend absentee voting as well as proxy and voting instructions issued to the Company proxies. The Company proxies will vote on behalf of and in accordance with the voting instructions of the shareholder. The failure to check a "yes" or "no" box for an Agenda item will be registered as "abstention" for this Agenda item.
Duration of the Annual Meeting
In the past the AM lasted approx. 10 hours.
The Chairman is responsible for conducting and for duly processing of the AM. He will open and conduct the AM, provide information about procedures and formalities (e.g. requests to address the AM), introduce the speech by the Chairman of the Board of Management, conducts the discussion and, if there is a large number of requests to receive permission to speak, set restrictions on the length of time allotted for speaking or asking questions in order to ensure the Agenda can be followed. Also, the Chairman can cancel such restrictions or take other measures to direct the meeting, like closing the list of speakers or deciding to terminate the debate. In addition, the Chairman of the meeting leads the voting and announces the resolutions.
Timetable for the Annual Meeting
Admission at 08.00 a.m., the meeting will start at 10.00 a.m., CEST.
We expect a large number of participants. Daimler recommends that you arrive early, also to have the benefit of and to support a quick admission process.
  • Formal welcome as well as introductory and explanatory remarks concerning affairs of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board as well as the AM (Chairman of the Meeting and of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Manfred Bischoff).
  • Then the Chairman of the Board of Management and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dieter Zetsche will present his report on the previous financial year and the development of the Company.
  • After this presentation the discussion of the Agenda items with the stockholders will begin. This discussion will take the form of a general debate, but in sections; i.e. several shareholders will take the floor consecutively, after which their questions will be answered. In the next round after this further shareholders will be called to speak.
  • Following the discussion (usually in the evening) votes will be taken on the Agenda items. When the votes have been counted the results will be announced and the AM will be closed.
Video webcast
The opening address by the Chairman of the Meeting and the speech of the Chairman of the Board of Management at the beginning of the AM will be video webcast live on the internet at and may be accessed as video on demand afterwards.
A complete webcast is not envisaged.
In what language will the Annual Meeting be held?
The language to be used at the AM is German.
English-speaking stockholders are kindly requested to make themselves known to the personnel at the admission desk in the entrance area. They will then be asked to proceed to a special entrance to the Plenum. In a designated area in the Plenum, radio headphones will be available which enable the shareholders to receive a simultaneous/consecutive translation of the proceedings from German into English.
Discussions in English will be simultaneously translated from English into German and be transmitted in the German translation via the local loudspeakers.
Certificate of attendance
The back cover of the pad of voting cards serves as a certificate of attendance. The printing of a certificate of attendance on the spot is no longer available.
Is it possible to leave the meeting for a time and return later?
Yes - should you temporarily leave the AM, this will be registered using the access-/departure card (last card) in your pad of voting cards. A re-entry is possible upon presentation of the pad of voting cards.
Can I dial into the meeting like in a conference call?
No, this is not envisaged and not permitted.
What about seat allocation/seat tickets?
There are no numbered seat tickets. Reservations are also not available.
The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board will be seated in the Plenum, where the discussion with the shareholders will take place. The Plenum has approx. 4,000. In case all seats are occupied, our shareholder service personnel will direct incoming shareholders to an additional hall with vacant seats. All additional halls are equipped with audio and video transmission of the speeches and dialogues from the Plenum.
Start of the event: 10 a.m. CEST
Admission 08 a.m. CEST
Several warm and cold snacks, also vegetarian, sweet pastries as well as warm and cold (non-alcoholic) beverages are available.
Who will act as spokespersons for the shareholders?
This is not known to the Company before the AM, as the AM spokespersons using their pad of voting cards only first call upon the foreseen desks and are entered into the speakers lists during the AM.
Speakers will not be called in any particular order. Furthermore, it is not possible to guarantee a specific time for speakers to take the floor.
How can a shareholder arrange for a proxy to vote on his behalf if he leaves the Annual Meeting early?
If a shareholder leaves the meeting temporarily, the pad of voting cards permits re-entry. Should voting take place during this time the shareholder is not present and cannot exercise his voting right in person.
If a shareholder leaves the meeting early, i.e. without intending to return, the pad of voting cards must be given to staff at the exits.
In this case however, the shareholder has two possibilities to transfer his voting rights:
1. He can authorize another person present to vote on his behalf. For this, the shareholder completes the blue proxy card, removes the completed blue proxy card from the pad of voting cards and hands it in at the proxy counter when leaving the AM. The pad of voting cards is passed on to the authorized person.
2. He hands the completed orange-coloured Proxy/Instruction Card along with his voting instructions for Company proxies in at the proxy counter at the entrance/exit foyer. The Company proxies will then vote in accordance with his voting instructions. The shareholder leaves his pad of voting cards also with the official at the proxy desk when leaving the AM.
The voting right, which is linked to the shareholding, entitles the shareholder to vote in the AM with the proportion of shares held. Each item on the Agenda, which is to be voted on, is assigned a "yes" and a "no" box on the collective voting cards. Abstentions will be registered in the event of failure to submit the relevant voting card or to check a "yes" or "no" box. Provided the Chairman of the Meeting instructs nothing different, voting is based on the addition procedure, i.e. all "yes" and all "no" votes are counted for each item on the Agenda. If both boxes for the same item are checked by mistake, the vote will be regarded as invalid. The result of the vote is announced before the end of the AM by the Chairman and published on the internet the day after.
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