Emil Jellinek
06.04.1853 - 21.01.1918
In Emil Jellinek, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft had its best, but also most difficult customer at the turn of the twentieth century.
Emil Jellinek
Jellinek was an extremely successful businessman and insurance agent, with offices in Vienna and Nice. In addition, early on Jellinek took an interest in the progress of the automobile and sold the products of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft with great success. In 1899, DMG delivered ten vehicles to Jellinek, and in 1900 as many as 29. Jellinek called for increasingly more powerful and faster vehicles, and also entered them in races under a pseudonym.
Mercédès as product name
He used the first name of his daughter “Mercédès”, born in 1889. In April 1900, it also became the product name when Jellinek and DMG entered into an agreement on the sale of cars and engines. Jellinek’s orders occupied the production capacities of the Cannstatt Daimler plant. On 23 June 1902, an application for registration of the name “Mercédès” as a trademark was filed and the trademark was officially registered on 26 September.
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