Germany/Stuttgart, South Africa, April 16, 2012
A healthy nation is a productive nation
Leading the way in wellness
Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) is world renowned for its innovative approach to wellness.
Ergonomic audits take place regularly at the MBSA operations to ensure the workplace supports optimal employee health and well-being.

MBSA has been instrumental in leading the fight against HIV and Aids in the workplace, and was one of the first corporates in South Africa to implement a programme to mitigate the effect of the disease on its operations, as far back as 2000. Since then, the South African subsidiary of global parent company, Daimler AG, has become the centre of excellence within the group – giving strategic direction to its sister companies on HIV and Aids prevention programmes.
The company’s focus on employee wellness, however, transcends combating HIV/ Aids through a comprehensive and holistic approach to employee wellness. Group health adviser, and a key figure in driving the MBSA workplace and community health programmes. MBSA has reaped the fruits of its labour:
its manufacturing plant boasts one of the highest attendance records in the world – 98.9%. The company’s approach to corporate health and wellness, as with its approach to everything it does, is based on the concept of sustainability. Daimler believe that empowered and inspired people are the cornerstone of success.
Sustainable development for MBSA means looking not only internally to its employees, but also expanding its reach to encompass families of employees, the communities around its operations as well as further afield to vulnerable members of its business communities.The company, however, started close to home. Its employees enjoy some of the most wide-ranging and well-resourced corporate wellness programmes in the country:
  • Occupational health and safety legal-and corporate compliance;
  • On-site primary healthcare and health promotion;
  • First-aid and emergency medicine services;
  • Biokinetics;
  • Occupational health services;
  • Vocational rehabilitation;
  • Ergonomics advisory services;
  • Counselling (face-to-face and telephonic);
  • Relevant human resources programmes and employee benefits;
  • Attendance incentive scheme;
  • Sports clubs and facilities; and
  • On-site fitness centres
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