June 22, 2011
The new Actros: Welcome to a new dimension
Aerodynamically optimised
The unmistakable design of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is as exceptional as the truck as a whole. At the front end, the face of the new Actros dispenses almost entirely with straight lines and flat surfaces.Its look, developed specifically for a long-distance truck, is powerful, masculine and dynamic. Curves along with contrasting concave and convex lines lend the new Actros an overriding aura of excitement and its own unique character.
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The coherent form of the new Actros is particularly evident when viewed at an angle, as the full extent of the harmonious flow between the front section and the flanks can then be seen. The bumper, corner panelling and entrance form a single unit. Fluid lines are a hallmark feature of the new Actros – which is why designers often talk about "flow".
The new Actros spent some
2600 hours in the wind tunnel.
Much of the development work focussed on aerodynamics. The new Actros spent some 2600 hours in the wind tunnel – never before has a truck been developed and tested so intensively in a wind tunnel. Its aerodynamic design is one of major factors behind the reduction in fuel consumption compared to its already highly economical predecessor.
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