Culture of Integrity
Ethical principles cannot be dictated. We therefore promote integrity through numerous initiatives and an ongoing dialog. Over the past few years, Daimler has been setting standards in terms of integrity and compliance.
Integrity Dialog
In 2011, Daimler was the first and, to this day, the only automobile manufacturer to establish a Board of Management division for Integrity and Legal Affairs. The division's varied initiatives contribute to the sustainable anchoring of integrity across the company.
Ongoing dialog and shared principles
Started in 2011, the company-wide Integrity Dialog is aimed at all employees. Thus, discussing integrity issues is an integral part of our daily work.
Findings from Dialog events at home and abroad were incorporated into our Integrity Code, which came into effect in 2012. The Group-wide applicable guideline is therefore based on a common understanding of values. It is available in 22 languages and defines principles of behavior and guidelines for everyday conduct at Daimler. It relates to interpersonal conduct within the company as well as conduct toward customers and business partners.
Comprehensive communication and training measures
The Integrity Dialog is complemented worldwide by comprehensive supporting communication and target group-specific offerings.
The Integrity Code is also the basis for our comprehensive integrity and compliance training offering, which we are constantly expanding. We use mandatory in-person training and online training, depending on the target group. In 2013, we developed new web-based training for approximately 112,000 employees with e-mail access. We also have a training offer for business partners, in order to convey our expectations regarding integrity and compliance.
Between 2011 and 2013, through the "fairplay" campaign, we raised awareness of integrity and compliance among our employees across the globe, using posters and flyers in 19 languages in over 40 countries. In the fall of 2012, the Integrity Truck toured all German locations and provided information to production employees in particular.
Daimler Compliance Academy
The Daimler Compliance Academy is geared toward managers and executives active in compliance from all industries. The objective of the seminar is to support participants in the sustainable anchoring of integrity and compliance, and to enable the sharing of experiences with confirmed experts.
Critical external viewpoint
The Advisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility is an important source of inspiration for integrity initiatives at Daimler. Its members are independent experts from the fields of science, economics, politics, and non-governmental organizations, with considerable experience in ethical behavior matters. They accompany the Daimler integrity process from a critical and constructive external perspective.
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