Culture of Integrity
Daimler's goal is to anchor integrity sustainably into its corporate culture. However, basic ethical values cannot be simply prescribed. That is why Daimler promotes integrity through various initiatives and continuous dialog.
Initiative "Integrity Dialog" launched in November 2011
Dialog and Communications in the Company
Integrity cannot be ordered from above. That is why, in November 2011, we launched our "Integrity Dialog" initiative, which provides us with a framework for discussing the importance of integrity in our daily activities across hierarchical lines, locations and functions and enables us to develop a shared understanding of integrity derived from the principles of the UN Global Compact. This result of the discussion process is our New Integrity Code, which was revised in 2012 and was approved jointly with the Works Council.
Promoting worldwide understanding and global implementation
In addition, an "Integrity Truck Tour" launched in 2012 continued the dialog at the production locations in Germany. Since 2011, Daimler has been running a worldwide "fairplay" campaign directed at employees at all levels in all locations, with posters and pamphlets in 19 languages serving to raise employee awareness on the topics of integrity and compliance. Our expectations of external business partners are formulated in the brochure "Ethical Business. Our Shared Responsibility", which was distributed to over 63,000 business partners in 2012.
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