Compliance Key Aspects
Preventing and fighting corruption is a top priority for Daimler. However, compliance is not just limited to anti-corruption measures. Instead, compliance requires responsible conduct from every individual, in accordance with all significant laws, voluntary commitments and our internal policies. To ensure and promote rule-compliant conduct, the management and staff receive intensive training as part of a global compliance training program. This means that the staff are equipped to protect themselves against making the wrong decision in difficult situations and to minimize risks. In 2010 and 2011 alone, more than 207,000 members of staff took part in compliance training.
The emphasis is placed on showing the employees how they can, for example, avoid damage to finances or image as a result of corruption, fraud, embezzlement, antitrust violations or money laundering offenses. We also explain the fundamental values of our company and provide our staff with further training in the areas of environmental protection, work standards and product safety.
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