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Louise and Edouard Sarazin
Louise: dates of birth and death unknown
Edouard: 1840 (day and month of birth unknown) - 24.12.1887
In the lawyer Edouard Sarazin, whom he had known since his time working for the Deutz company, Gottlieb Daimler found the "distribution partner" he had been looking for. His job was to protect Daimler patents abroad, above all in France.
  Louise Sarazin
Louise Sarazin
In 1887 Edouard Sarazin therefore negotiated with the entrepreneur Emile Levassor, of the company Panhard & Levassor, over the manufacture of Daimler engines in France. Edouard Sarazin subsequently fell gravely ill and died that same year, at the age of 47, before the negotiations could be concluded.
Following the sudden death of her husband Edouard, Louise Sarazin exchanged correspondence with Gottlieb Daimler that resulted in an agreement that she could pursue the business of the Daimler Motor Company under licence in France. As a first step, Louise commissioned the company Panhard & Levassor, as had been agreed with her husband before his death, to build Daimler engines. Following a visit to Cannstatt with Emile Levassor, Madame Sarazin entered into a contract with Gottlieb Daimler, dated 5 February 1889: according to this, Daimler would receive 12 percent of the purchase price for every engine produced under licence by Louise Sarazin. She, for her part, assigned the rights to the Daimler patents to the company Panhard & Levassor for 20 percent of the price, so leaving herself 8 percent. On 1 November 1889 Gottlieb Daimler extended his undertaking with Louise Sarazin, giving her the right to exploit all Daimler patents in France and Belgium. His only condition: the products must bear the name Daimler. The business partnership between Louise Sarazin and Emile Levassor also brought them privately closer and they subsequently married, on 4 May 1890.
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