Jörg Hofmann
Member of the Supervisory Board Daimler
Employee Representative
Jörg Hofmann has been a member of the Supervisory
Board of  Daimler AG since 2008.
He is also a member of the Presidential Committee and the Mediation Committee.
Jörg Hofmann was born in Stuttgart on December 3, 1955.
After obtaining his high school diploma (Abitur), in 1976 he began his studies in economics, communication science and sociology in Stuttgart, Paris and Bremen. He obtained a degree in economics at Stuttgart-Hohenheim University in 1982. From 1982 he was a research employee at the Institute for Industrial Economics at Stuttgart-Hohenheim University and worked as an independent advisor for labor organization and new technologies.
He joined IG Metall 1987 as secretary of the trade union of the Stuttgart administration, where he was in charge of organizational development. Other focal issues of his professional activities were the work organization and the performance and compensation policy, primarily in the automobile industry. In 2000, he became secretary for wage issues of the regional district management Baden-Württemberg of IG Metall. He was appointed district manager of the IG Metall Baden-Württemberg in 2003. In November 2013 he was elected Vice Chairman of the IG Metall.
Over the last few years he was member of supervisory bodies of the supplier and machine-building industry. He presently holds a Supervisory Board membership at Robert Bosch GmbH.
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