Society and mobility
We are shaping the future: Mobility is the engine of growth and prosperity for every modern society.
There are currently more than 900 million vehicles on the world’s roads. Experts predict that this figure will more than double within less than 30 years. Motor vehicles – both passenger cars and commercial vehicles – play a crucial role in this worldwide development.
Transportation volumes and emissions in German road traffic
The automobile is at the crossroads of various interests in which increasingly high, diversified, and mutually influencing requirements are placed on its technology. Customers demand safe, comfortable, high-performance vehicles which at the same time are to be more and more economical and environment-friendly. These increasing demands and the dynamically growing global need for mobility stand in stark contrast to dwindling oil reserves, rising energy costs, and increasingly stringent regulations that are by no means uniform on an international scale. The task at hand is therefore to make the automobile fit for the future – after all, no other transport medium offers so much individual freedom. At the same time, motor vehicles – trucks, buses, vans, and passenger cars – are one of the world’s most powerful engines of growth and prosperity.
An intelligent blend of drive concepts for all mobility scenarios
These days, 80 percent of all goods in the industrialized nations of Europe are transported by truck. According to logistics experts, the global transport volume will have doubled by the year 2030, as compared to the figure for 2000. Each year, some 60 million people move from rural areas to the cities, where they want to be mobile. More than 50 million jobs throughout the world are dependent on the automotive industry. If cars and commercial vehicles are to continue to play a significant role in the economy and society, they must become more efficient and cleaner. We are convinced that the key to sustainable mobility lies in innovation. We are living out this principle with a multi-track, intelligent blend of drive systems that caters to all of today’s and tomorrow’s mobility requirements.
Rural Long-distance transport transport Urban transport
Whether it be cars, buses, vans, or
heavy-duty trucks: Daimler offers
premium solutions for all mobility
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