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old Daimler-Benz stock certificates
I still hold Daimler-Benz stock certificates. What can I do?
The extended deadline for voluntary exchange of Daimler-Benz shares against DaimlerChrysler shares expired on November 6, 1998. As of December 21, 1998 Daimler-Benz AG was absorbed in the merger with DaimlerChrysler AG. Trading in Daimler-Benz stock ceased at that time. With the change of the corporation`s name from DaimlerChrysler to Daimler in Fall 2007, also the shares were renamed to Daimler shares. You have the right to exchange Daimler-Benz shares for Daimler shares.
How and where can I claim dividends ?
Claims for dividends based on Daimler-Benz share certificates and the special payout of June 1998 which have not yet been raised, expired at the end of the year 2002.
Holders of old Daimler-Benz share certificates (in Deutsche Mark) can still exchange them for Daimler shares and, under certain requirements, receive payment of past dividends in excess of statutory provisions, beginning with the dividend paid in 1999 for business year 1998.
Please contact the Coupon Center of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, at the following address:
Deutsche Bank AG
Global Transaction Banking
Issuer Services – Institutional Cash & Securities Services
Taunusanlage 12
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49 (0) 69-910-43540
Fax +49 (0) 69-910-38794
This the exchange agent for Daimler and the main payment center for DaimlerChrysler and Daimler dividends. You will also need to include your bank account details.
If I have not yet exchanged my Daimler-Benz stock certificates for Daimler shares, how do I do this?
Daimler-Benz stock certificates with a valid coupon sheet are still being accepted for exchange. The bank will probably charge you a fee for this, which is not refundable by Daimler. You may also contact the Coupon Center of the Deutsche Bank.
All stockholders whose shares are transfer posted/exchanged after the merger will also receive a bonus of 0.5%. This bonus is issued either as one additional share for every 200 shares in a portfolio, or as a cash credit for the fractional shares. For physical Daimler-Benz stock certificates you will receive Daimler shares in the form of a collective securities account credit. When you make the exchange you are not permitted to retain your old Daimler-Benz stock certificates, or to have them cancelled and returned.
Since Daimler shares are registered shares, the shareholders' names will be entered in the share register, or the existing entry will be updated, unless your custodian bank has them entered under its name. The fees for this process will be charged to the banks by the central securities account center of Clearstream Banking AG (formerly the German Securities Settlement Organization or Kassenverein), and the banks may then pass them on to the customer.
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