The Mercedes-Benz GLK at SEMA 2008
Stuttgart/Las Vegas
Nov 03, 2008
The Mercedes-Benz GLK at SEMA, Las Vegas 2008: Unconventional concept for an unconventional show
Stuttgart/Las Vegas - Tuner Challenge - this is the headline for the appearance of the Mercedes-Benz GLK at the SEMA Show. Ahead of the unconventional tuning show, the Stuttgartcompany announced a competition for tuning firms. The object of desire - compact GLK-Class. The distinctively styled automotive character seems predestined to arouse a wide range of tuning fantasies.
Tuning operations were tasked with highlighting the possibilities presented by the GLK’s wide-ranging talents through their ideas and designs. The four most convincing concepts were selected and the winners given the opportunity to implement their proposals. This process saw the creation of four versions of the GLK that are as leading-edge as they are unorthodox, and now take centre stage in the Tuner Challenge at SEMA. “Widestar”, “GLK Urban Whip”, “GLK Pikes Peak Rally Racer” and “GLK Rock Crawler” will attract attention even at SEMA, which is not exactly short on highlights and is becoming increasingly important as a trendsetting springboard for the European tuning scene.
The four fundamentally different rebuilds make one thing abundantly clear – the GLK-Class is one of the most versatile SUV models ever, and one that retains its distinctive character, even in the face of somewhat unconventional modifications. With each respective tuner fantasy, the compact SUV has become an exclusive specialist for the road, beach, city or rally stage.
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