Daimler at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show
Sep 23, 2008
Daimler AG’s commercial vehicle brands at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show
  • More than 80 vehicles representing state-of-the-art technology for
    trucks, vans and buses
  • From Daimler Trucks to the commercial vehicle world of Mercedes-Benz
  • World premieres and highlights: Mercedes-Benz Actros, construction Actros, Travego, Vito BlueEFFICIENCY show car, Zetros, Econic
  • Technology presentations: demonstrably environmentally friendly and safe
  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks: unbeaten environmental compatibility,
    economy and safety
  • Mercedes-Benz Vans: a look at the drive systems of the near future
  • Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches: world premiere of Active Brake Assist
  • Special-purpose vehicles: focus on hybrid drive systems for the Econic
  • Services: service along the entire value-added chain
  • Setra: best in class - with ten buses and coaches in Hall 16
  • Fuso: the Canter in all its aspects
  • Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems: more additions to the axle family
More than 80 vehicles representing all the brands represented in Europe, numerous world premieres in the areas of safety and environmental technology, a wealth of innovative services – the presentations by the commercial vehicle brands of Daimler AG at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover underline the company's claim to the number one position among manufacturers worldwide: inno­vative leadership with respect to the environment, cost-effective­ness, safety and service.
Innovation is by no means an end in itself for the brands within Daimler AG. Whether it be Mercedes-Benz and Setra in Europe and worldwide, Fuso in Asia and all the other continents, or Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star and Thomas Built Buses in North America and other regions: the enormous innovative strength of the commercial vehicle brands belonging to Daimler AG has a very clearly focussed aim – it centres on the customer. The entire strength of the leading European and worldwide Daimler AG brands serves the single purpose of making the customer successful with the safest, most cost-effective and environmentally compatible trucks, vans and buses.
This claim and the associated respect for our customers is the focal point for both the company itself and for the individual brands who are presenting their products at the show in Hanover. Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Trucks (Hall 14/15), Setra (Hall 16), Fuso (Hall 16) and Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems (Hall 26) – all of them are showing their capabilities in the form of innovative products and services.
Mercedes-Benz at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
The facts and figures are impressive, and speak for themselves: 11,500 square metres of display area, 53 trucks, special-purpose vehicles, vans and buses, numerous technology exhibits, an imposing representation of the brand’s compre­hen­sive range of services right in the middle of the hall, over more than 500 square metres. The world's largest commercial vehicle brand, the inventor of the passenger car, truck, van and bus is presenting its products and services in a decidedly attractive way.
At the entrance area to Hall 14/15 the scene is set by a display of vehicles by Daimler Trucks, and a presentation of the cross-brand initiative "Shaping Future Transportation". This underlines the innovative leadership in the development and marketing of environmentally compatible drive systems across all brands and products, and on every continent.
From Daimler Trucks to Mercedes-Benz
Daimler Trucks is the corporate umbrella for the leading brands in the three major commercial vehicle regions of the world: six semitrailer tractors for long-distance operations reflect the division's diversity and leading position in the different markets. A Freightliner Cascadia and a Freightliner Coronado are displayed from North America, two examples of the Fuso Super Great from Asia and two Mercedes-Benz Axor models from Europe. An imposing map of the world reflects Daimler Trucks’ claim to worldwide innovative leadership in the fields of safety, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.
An “exhibition within the exhibition” shows how serious the company is about the environment: Shaping Future Transportation. This initiative by Daimler Commercial Vehicles is dedicated to environmental awareness, but also to the economy and safety of commercial vehicles. Four hybrid vehicles from three continents are representative of this commitment. The Mercedes-Benz Axor Hybrid study is celebrating its world premiere, the Freightliner Business Class M2e Hybrid is shortly due to enter series production, the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid is already in series production and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid is currently undergoing customer trials.
The global commercial vehicle world of Mercedes-Benz
Visitors quickly discover the world of Mercedes-Benz during their informative tour of the Daimler Trucks and Shaping Future Transpor­tation presentations, as it is already laid before them behind an illuminated gauze wall as they enter the hall. A raised platform provides an overview of the large display of 53 vehicles and the comprehensive range of services from Mercedes-Benz. The stand is divided into areas dedicated to trucks, vans, buses and special-purpose vehicles. The array of vehicles in each of these areas is displayed according to industries and applications. The area dedicated to services extends between these like a fifth product unit.
The background to the presentation is equally impressive, the strength of the brand being clearly portrayed by coloured, semi-transparent elements with a height of nine metres. These change colour in a continuous sequence, and are used to pre­sent the core messages of the Mercedes-Benz brand. A wide, open stairway takes the visitor down into the world of commercial vehicles bearing the Mercedes star.
World premieres and highlights: Mercedes-Benz Actros, construction Actros, Travego, Vito BlueEFFICIENCY show car, Zetros
In the individual product areas, the world premieres and highlights are raised on plat­forms. In the truck sector there is even a double pre­miere: while the new Mercedes-Benz Actros sets the standard for top-class European long-distance trucks, the new construction Actros does the same in the construction sector. Equipped with the new Mercedes-Benz PowerShift Offroad automated transmission and numerous innovative features, the latter is celebrating its world debut at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show. Both vehicles are presented in an innovative show.
The new-generation Travego has an ergonomically optimised cockpit, a drive train with a new engine and a new, fully automated transmission, and a suspension that has undergone further improvements. It also excels with innovative passive safety features such as the Front Collision Guard. The Active Brake Assist emergency braking system is celebrating its world premiere for touring coaches in the Mercedes-Benz Travego and Setra TopClass 400.
The highlight among the vans bearing the Mercedes star is the Vito BlueEFFICIENCY show car. This attractively designed study illustrates the development potential of diesel power units in vans with numerous features. Many of the inno­vations shown will soon enter series production or be included in the range of optional equipment.
Among the special-purpose vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz Zetros occupies a commanding position. This all-wheel-drive, cab-behind-engine truck is uncompromi­sing­ly configured for operations in harsh conditions. Whether for expeditions, as a service vehicle, on large construction sites, in disaster relief or on peace missions – this particularly robustly constructed all-terrain truck is in its element when others have to throw in the towel.
Technology presentations: demonstrably environmentally friendly and safe
Careful attention to environmental compatibility is a matter of course for all the Daimler AG brands, and evidence of innovative leadership in this field is once again impressively shown by Daimler's "Shaping Future Transportation" initiative at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show. Whether it be hybrid systems, natural-gas or fuel-cell drive – Daimler commercial vehicles with alternative drive systems are ahead of the field. This is demonstrated by the numerous trucks, vans and buses on show. For example the fuel-cell-powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro – one of a fleet of 36 vehicles which has already covered more than two million kilometres in practical operations. The Freightliner Business Class M2e Hybrid, Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid and natural-gas-powered Sprinter NGT are already in series production, and are available to customers – three alternative drive systems on three continents.
Mercedes-Benz trucks: unbeaten environmental compatibility, economy and safety
In addition to the vehicles on display, numerous technology stations explain details of environmental and safety technology to show visitors. In the case of Mercedes-Benz trucks the focus is on the outstanding economy and environmental compa­tibili­ty of BlueTec diesel technology – throughout Europe, more than 200,000 trucks have saved 700 million litres of expensive diesel fuel thanks to BlueTec, and avoided two million tonnes of CO2 emissions in the process. The technology station dedicated to this topic also explains the economic advantages of the Mer­cedes PowerShift transmission, the aerodynamic packages and other factors that influence economical driving. In the safety sector the focus is on the Active Brake Assist emergency braking system, which still has no equal worldwide. Next to the Mercedes-Benz Atego BlueTec Hybrid on display, visitors are able to find out more about hybrid technology and its everyday benefits at another station.
New: the natural-gas-powered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
First presented as a vehicle study at the 2006 International Commercial Vehicle Show, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT with bivalent natural-gas drive has entered series production (NGT = Natural Gas Technology). The Sprinter NGT not only excels with significantly reduced exhaust and noise emissions, but also with low operating costs. This is partly due to the reduced tax rate applicable to natural gas in Germany until 2018, for example. In terms of energy density, this means that natural gas is only roughly half the price of diesel fuel or petrol. In numerous European countries, the purchase of natural-gas-powered vehicles attracts subsidies or tax concessions.
Mercedes-Benz has opted for a bivalent system in the Sprinter NGT. The base engine, a four-cylinder unit with a displacement of 1.8 litres, can also be operated on petrol for a range of up to 1 200 km. Thanks to mechanical supercharging this engine generates an output of 115 kW (156 hp) and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. Both figures apply to natural gas and petrol operation. The Sprinter NGT is equipped with a manual six-speed transmission as standard, with an automatic torque converter transmission available as an option.
Those wanting an even more environmentally friendly version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT are also able to order an EEV variant (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle). In this case the fuel tank capacity is reduced to below 15 l, which classifies the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT as a monovalent vehicle and meets the EEV requirements.
New: the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid
The drive system of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid concept vehicle is designed as a parallel hybrid with an electric motor between the internal combustion engine and the automatic transmission. The architecture also envisages an unmodified 100-litre petrol tank between the axles. A stack of lithium-ion batteries is located immediately behind the rear axle. While providing a comparable capacity, this battery technology halves the weight to just 175 kg compared to the nickel/metal hydride batteries used for the first hybrid generation.
Mercedes-Benz Vito BlueEFFICIENCY: a look at the drive systems
of the near future
The presentation by Mercedes-Benz Vans at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show allows an informed look into the future. In the immediate vicinity of the Vito BlueEFFICIENCY show car, a model is used to present a hybrid drive system for the Vito. Next to the standard Sprinter NGT the advantages of natural-gas drive are explained in terms of environmental compatibility and economy. The focus of the van presentation is also on safety, with features such as the load-sensitive Adaptive ESP in the Sprinter, Vito and Viano. Or Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), an extension of the ESP safety system designed specifically for trailer operations. Like the Vito and Viano, every Sprinter equipped with an ex-factory trailer coupling now also comes with TSA as part of the standard safety features.
Mercedes-Benz Buses and Coaches: world premiere for Active Brake Assist
The world premiere of Active Brake Assist for buses demonstrates unrivalled expertise in the safety sector, and is the highlight of the integrated safety concept employed by Mercedes-Benz. Visitors are able to see Active Brake Assist in action on the nearby safety track if they register their interest following an hourly safety presentation held on the stand. The passive safety system Front Collision Guard also has lifesaving functions. Another highlight of the technology presentations is BlueTec hybrid drive – the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid on display in the open area will commence its customer trials at the end of this year.
Mercedes-Benz special-purpose vehicles: focus on BlueTec Hybrid
In special-purpose vehicles, hybrid drive particularly shows its strengths in short-radius stop-and-go operations. The operating principles and effects of hybrid drive systems require detailed explanation, therefore a separate station dedicated to these systems is located next to the Mercedes-Benz Econic BlueTec Hybrid on display.
The basis for this BlueTec Hybrid prototype is the Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 NLA, a three-axle vehicle with a steerable trailing axle and a gross vehicle weight of 26 tonnes. The diesel engine is an OM 906 LA in-line 6-cylinder unit meeting the Euro 5 emission standard. It develops 210 kW (286 hp) from a displacement of 6.4 litres.
New: the Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT Hybrid study as a world first
The second premiere, another study, even goes one step further, as the hybrid drive system is based on the natural-gas-powered Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT. This is already inherently an extremely environmentally friendly vehicle, as the Econic NGT not only meets the Euro 5 exhaust emission standard, but also the even more stringent EEV environmental standard. The vehicle is also entitled to bear the German "Blue Angel" environmental seal of quality as an option.
The vehicle on display is a three-axle Mercedes-Benz Econic NGTHybrid 2628 NLA chassis with a trailing axle. Its 6.9-litre M 906 LAG in-line 6-cylinder engine is
EEV-certificated and has an output of 205 kW (279 hp). The maximum torque of this supercharged engine is 1 000 Nm. As in the Econic BlueTec Hybrid, an electric motor likewise developing 44 kW of output and 420 Nm of torque is installed upstream of the transmission.
Services: service all along the line
Services always play a central role at Mercedes-Benz, and not just figuratively, for at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show that also applies where the stand layout is concerned: services occupy a central area as something like a separate product unit. The entire customer care process catered for by services is represented here, from procurement to operation, and eventual return of the end-of-life vehicle at the end of the value-added chain.
The product areas are also linked by a service boulevard along which service spots covering specific topics are arranged. Here visitors are able to obtain details of the specific services offered by the individual product units in discussions. Service topics are also a major focus of the information shown with every single vehicle on display.
An entire service environment is also laid on. An area covering 600 square metres is primarily concerned with accessories and cost-effectiveness, genuine parts and parts logistics, Service24h, new maintenance management and Star Diagnosis. Four topic-related displays provide comprehensive information about parts and logistics, workshop topics, service reception and TCO , using four vehicles as examples: two Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, a Mercedes-Benz Axor and a new Mercedes-Benz Actros, all fully equipped with genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories.
Setra: best in class – with ten buses and coaches in Hall 16
The Setra brand provides an insight into its current product range with a display totalling ten buses and coaches. Highlights of the "Best in Class" presentation by the Ulm-based brand in Hall 16 include the world premiere of the S 419 GT-HD. This 15-metre-long three-axle coach joins the high-deck ComfortClass 400 series.
With the S 416 HDH Setra is presenting a touring coach in the TopClass 400 series with the Active Brake Assist (ABA) emergency braking system for the first time. This system, which has been in successful use in trucks for many years, responds to slower-moving vehicles ahead by issuing a series of warnings and initiating emergency braking action if the danger of a rear-end collision arises. Active Brake Assist works in conjunction with DISTRONIC, whose radar sensors it uses to detect vehicles travelling ahead.
Fuso: the Canter in all its aspects
In Hall 16/E10, under the motto "Efficiency in transportation", Mitsubishi Fuso is presenting numerous variants of the Canter on an area of 1300 square metres. All in all, the brand is exhibiting 13 vehicles including numerous different bodies. The presentation is divided into three application areas. One of the highlights is the Canter Eco Hybrid, which has already been in series production in Japan since 2006 and has been undergoing Europe's largest fleet trials in Great Britain since August. The visual centrepiece of the stand is the Fuso Canter ECO-D concept study, an intriguing variant of the light tipper with a wealth of innovative ideas.
Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems: more additions to the axle family
Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems is presenting its innovative strength and performance potential in Hall 26. The new DCA Steermaster is celebrating its premiere as the lightest steering axle for trailers in its class. In combination with two well-proven trailer axles from the DCA Weightmaster series, TrailerAxleSystems is able to achieve an unrivalled low weight for a three-axle unit. Customers wanting to save even more weight, as well as space, are well served with the DCA Airmaster. As the world's only axle to feature an integrated compressed air tank inside the axle housing, this celebrated its world premiere at the 2006 International Commercial Vehicle Show and is now in series production.
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