Press kit: The new Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Jan 08, 2006
At a glance: * Technical highlights and equipment features of the new GL-Class
4ETS: The Electronic Traction System maintains traction even under the most difficult conditions by braking the wheels which are losing grip and thus increasing the amount of power sent to the wheels with most traction. Standard
4MATIC: In addition to the all-wheel-drive powertrain with single-ratio transfer case and open centre differential, the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC permanent all-wheel-drive system also includes ESP®, 4ETS, ABS and BAS (Brake Assist). The 4MATIC package for off-road models adds off-road ABS, hill-start assist and DSR. Standard
7G-TRONIC: With its intelligent electronic control and wide ratio spread, the seven-speed automatic transmission has benefits on performance, fuel economy and noise. Standard
Active Light System: Swivelling headlamps follow the road by turning when the steering wheel is turned. Standard if bi-xenon headlamps fitted
Adaptive belt force limiters: The force exerted by the belt on the driver and front passenger is reduced by controlled slackening of the belt in line with the severity of the impact. Standard
Adaptive brake lights: The brake lights flash to warn vehicles behind when hard braking is taking place. Standard
Adaptive front airbags: The driver and front passenger airbags are triggered in stages, in line with the severity of the impact. Standard
ADS: The Adaptive Damping System adjusts the damping rate to take account of driving conditions, thereby increasing ride comfort and active safety. Standard in all ECE versions
AIRMATIC: As well as increased on-road comfort, AIRMATIC air suspension provides enhanced off-road capability by allowing ground clearance to be raised. Standard
Automatic child seat recognition: A transponder system automatically detects whether a rear-facing child seat is installed and, if so, deactivates the front passenger airbag. Optional
Bi-xenon headlamps: Projection-beam gas discharge low-beam/main-beam lights provide improved visibility at night or in adverse weather conditions. Standard on
GL 500
Brake Assist (BAS): Identifies an emergency stop situation by measuring the speed and force with which the driver applies the brake pedal; whatever pressure the driver has applied, BAS then develops full braking power to reduce the stopping distance. Standard
COMAND APS: Audio and communication system with integrated radio, CD/DVD player, DVD navigation, telephone operation and off-road menu. Optional
Cornering light function: Additional sideways illumination when turning at junctions or negotiating tight corners provides enhanced safety. Standard if bi-xenon headlamps fitted
Crash boxes: Crash boxes in the front and rear-end structures minimise repair costs following a low-speed accident. Standard
Cruise control: Cruise control with SPEEDTRONIC variable speed limiter Standard
Diesel particulate filter: This maintenance-free system operates without additives and cuts the already low engine-out particulate emissions by a further 99 percent. Standard
DIRECT SELECT: The seven-speed 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission is operated by a conveniently positioned steering-column selector lever; it is also possible to change gear manually using the gearshift buttons on the back of the steering wheel. Standard
DISTRONIC: Radar-assisted proximity control system which monitors traffic ahead and automatically maintains a safe following distance. Optional
Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR): Allows the driver to choose a maximum speed when negotiating steep descents. Standard
EASY-ENTRY: The narrower section of the asymmetrically split centre seat row folds forward to provide easy access to the third-row seats. Standard if third seat row fitted
EASY-PACK load-securing kit: Comprises two load compartment rails with telescopic bars, a load-lashing belt and additional securing features. Optional
EASY-PACK tailgate: The tailgate can be opened and closed hydraulically at the press of a button. Optional
ESP®: Automatically stabilises the GL in critical dynamic situations, thereby reducing the risk of a skid or roll-over; also warns of low tyre pressures. Standard
Headlamp Assist: A sensor automatically controls the vehicle lighting, switching on the low beam in the dusk or dark, when entering a tunnel, or in rain or snow. Standard
Headlamp cleaning system: Cleaning by pressurised jet eliminates the risk of backglare due to dirty headlamp lenses. Standard if bi-xenon headlamps are fitted
Hill-start assist: Prevents the vehicle from rolling back when moving off on a gradient. Standard
KEYLESS-GO: The doors and tailgate can be opened without a key, and the engine starts at the press of a button. Optional
LINGUATRONIC: Voice control for audio, communication and navigation systems Optional
Multicontour seats: Driver's and front passenger's seats are equipped with air chambers for individual contour adjustment. Standard on
GL 420 CDI,
GL 450 and
GL 500
Multifunction leather steering wheel: Drivers can operate the communication, entertainment and navigation systems, or access information in the central display, without taking their hands off the steering wheel. Standard
Multi-zone THERMOTRONIC: Automatic climate control also featuring separate zones for driver, front passenger and rear compartment; separate controls for rear passengers. Standard in
GL 420 CDI;
GL 450 and
GL 500
NECK-PRO: Crash-responsive head restraints for driver and front passenger which support the head sooner in a rear-end impact, thus reducing the risk of injury. Optional
Off-road ABS: This additional ABS mode, specially optimised for off-road operation, reduces stopping distances on poor surfaces and on extreme gradients. Standard
OFF-ROAD PRO engineering package: Provides even better off-road performance with "low range", multi-disc centre and rear differential locks and a modified version of AIRMATIC which allows ground clearance to be raised to 307 mm.   Standard on all ECE versions
Paintwork: Nano-particle paintwork is three times more scratch-resistant than conventional paintwork and has a noticeably better, long-lasting shine. Standard
PRE-SAFE®: Using the sensors of dynamics handling systems such as ABS, BAS and ESP®, PRE-SAFE® optimises the protective efficiency of the passive safety systems when an accident risk is detected. Optional
Rain sensor: The two-speed intermittent wipers automatically adapt their interval to the weather conditions. Standard
Rear air conditioning unit: Allows occupants in the second and third seat rows to select temperature levels to suit their individual requirements, for improved climate comfort.  Optional in conjunction with multi-zone THERMOTRONIC
Rear panoramic sunroof: Fixed panoramic roof over third seat row, with integrated sunblind. Standard
Rear-seat entertainment system: Infotainment system for rear-seat passengers comprising 7-inch LCD monitors in the back of the front seats, an audio/video DVD player, TV tuner, remote control and connection for games consoles or digital cameras. Optional
Reversing camera: When reverse gear is engaged, the reversing camera automatically transmits a video image to the COMAND display. Optional
Sidebags: Backrest-mounted sidebags reduce the risk of injury in a side impact. Standard for driver and front passenger, optional for second seat row
Sound system: Multi-channel system whose frequencies are matched to the interior acoustics of the vehicle, offering a surround sound experience in every seat. An interior microphone identifies fluctuations in background noise, which are then automatically compensated for by the amplifier. Optional
Speed-sensitive steering: Speed-sensitive power assist function combines good road feel at higher speeds with extremely easy action when parking. Standard
THERMATIC: This automatic climate control system with continuously variable fan speed automatically regulates the temperature in accordance with the selected setting, varying the speed of heating and cooling by varying the proportion of recirculated air in line with outside temperature. Standard on the GL 320 CDI
Third seat row: Two individual third-row seats offer plenty of room in all directions. They can also be folded at the press of a button to create a flat loading surface. Optional
ESP® Trailer Stabilisation: This component of the ESP® system defuses potential critical situations when towing a trailer by precisely controlled braking. Standard
Tunnel function: Pressing the recirculation button, for example when entering a tunnel or underground car park, closes all open windows and the sunroof. Standard
Up-front sensors: Sensors on the front cross-member supplementing the crash sensor on the transmission tunnel allow more appropriate activation of the restraint systems across all driving situations. Standard
Windowbags: In a side impact, these large curtain-type airbags drop down across the side windows from the A-pillar to the D-pillar to reduce the head injury risk for passengers in all three seat rows. Standard
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