Actros Space-Max - a Mercedes-Benz dream truck
Sep 27, 2006
  • IAA highlight: a concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Trucks is opening up new dimensions in truck cab spaciousness and home-like comfort
  • The Actros Space-Max provides drivers with the very best in sleeping comfort and cosiness after a hard day’s work
  • The “brother” of the Black Edition and Actros Cruiser is a vision of trucker life in the future
The Actros Space-Max is making drivers’ dreams come true. Following in the wake of the Black Edition and the Cruiser, the Actros Space-Max is once again demonstrating how important the driver’s working and sleeping environment is to Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The new concept vehicle is the motor show highlight from Mercedes-Benz Trucks at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in Hanover.
Driving, recreation and sleeping are the three aspects of a trucker’s life for which Mercedes-Benz has developed three distinct, yet related trucks: the Black Edition, Cruiser and Space-Max.
The Actros Space-Max focuses on providing relaxation and sleeping comfort, and therefore on the third key aspect of long-distance drivers’ everyday lives. The Black Edition focused primarily on driving comfort and a powerful, high-quality appearance in order to enhance the task of driving as such. The Actros Cruiser, on the other hand, aimed at providing a home-like feeling by turning the cab into a comfortable living space. The Actros Space-Max, finally, is a systematic enhancement of this concept that provides the driver with the ideal environment in which to experience pleasant dreams.
This visionary concept is firmly rooted in real life, as cabs are becoming increasingly important for drivers as attractive areas for conducting work and engaging in recreation. Today’s drivers are often alone, not only when steering the vehicles, but also during their rest times.
As a result, having a cosy, comfortable cab is now more important to drivers than ever before in order to compensate for their stressful working lives. In the Actros Space-Max drivers can find the rest and relaxation they need to excel in their jobs.
During the design of the concept vehicle, the developers therefore focused on the bed. The remarkable thing is that the bed is invisible during the day. It is fully integrated into the back panel and, when needed, is folded out by an electrohydraulic mechanism. When the driver lies on the top-quality, 80-cm-wide mattress, he or she can opt to look directly at the stars through the large power sliding roof. Instead, drivers can also watch their favourite DVDs on the flat-screen TV. To the driver’s left and right are wall-mounted lights that can be adjusted as desired and that create a cosy atmosphere in the sleeping quarters. The “bedroom feeling” is further enhanced through the use of distinct colours and materials.
Because the bed is foldable, the “living room” provides the driver with a strong sense of spaciousness, which is further enhanced by the almost vertical wind-screen. By giving the cab a roof height of four metres, Mercedes-Benz almost went to the limit of what is legally permitted. The glass roof allows a great deal of day-light to enter into the cab’s living quarters. The interior has a modern and friendly feel to it, and is characterised by the use of light-coloured leather and walnut. The driver can rest and relax in the comfortable “relaxation” seat, which is located on the front passenger side of the cab. The seat can be rotated, making it ideal for use during breaks.
The exterior of the spacious truck is also impressive. The white metallic paint job and the chrome and stainless steel elements give the Actros Space-Max an aura of strength and elegance. The Space-Max is based on the Actros 1860 LS with BlueTec 5 technology and Mercedes PowerShift, the new generation of automated gearshifts from Mercedes-Benz. As a result, the truck guarantees the very best in driving comfort, for which the required performance is provided by a 600 hp engine.
The Actros Space-Max once again demonstrates Mercedes-Benz’ skill in designing dream trucks. It proves that the limited amount of space available in a cab is no obstacle to fulfilling drivers’ wishes for a home from home.
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