Press Kit: DaimlerChrysler at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in Hanover
Sep 19, 2006
All-rounder: vans from Mercedes-Benz
The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • More variants than ever before, powerful and clean Euro 4 diesel engines
  • New: Adaptive ESP with expanded functionality as standard
  • New: Sprinter 4x4 with 4ETS all-wheel drive handles all terrain
The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the highlight on the Mercedes-Benz stand at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The new Sprinter features a host of innovations and once again marks a new milestone in this vehicle class. Its strengths include not only superlative safety and exceptional driving comfort, but also enormous versatility as demonstrated by the new variant Sprinter 4x4 with all-wheel drive.
A new era in van design
With its attractive yet highly practical styling that perfectly unites form and function, the new Sprinter ushers in a new era in van design. The vehicle melds typical design themes of the Mercedes-Benz brand with the rational and functional qualities required in a van. It may be somewhat misleading to talk about “the new Sprinter” when there will actually be perhaps a thousand different versions of this vehicle. The Sprinter is available in three wheelbase versions, four lengths, and with a choice of standard roof, high roof or the super-high roof. With gross vehicle weight ratings of 3.0 to 5.0 tonnes, the new Sprinter caters to all the main segments in its class.
Extensive array of standard equipment features, outstanding ergonomics and stowage
With its extensive range of standard equipment, the new Sprinter sets standards for the rest of its class. In addition to many other details, all models now come with electric windows and remote-controlled central locking, driver airbag, six-speed transmission, wide-angle rear-view mirrors and Adaptive ESP.
Extra longitudinal adjustment of the seat and added headroom provide freedom of movement and a feeling of spaciousness. Likewise, the Sprinter features a selection of high-grade materials in a high-quality finish. The instrument cluster features easily readable dials for the speedometer and rev counter, and a range of supplementary information can be called up on the large display of the Highline instrument cluster.
A feature that ensures outstanding comfort for drivers is the entirely new stowage concept. For example, the door compartments are big enough to accommodate a large bottle or flask, and there are spacious trays in three segments on top of the dashboard as well as a compartment above the windscreen for both the driver and passenger. Moreover, if the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, this can also be used to cool the glove compartment.
Superb lighting and visibility; bi-xenon headlamps now available
The standard equipment H7 halogen headlamps are impressive for their high level of light efficiency. In addition, sidelights are integrated into the headlamps. Meanwhile, optionally available Bi-xenon headlamps introduce a new dimension in headlamp technology for vans. They also feature an integrated static active light function and a cornering light function, both of which are a first for a van of this class.
New exterior mirrors both left and right feature integrated wide-angle lenses for good visibility behind and therefore enhanced safety. The indicators are also integrated in the casing of the mirrors for maximum visibility.
Driver convenience is further enhanced by extras such as an electrically operated sliding door, an electric closing aid for the same and, above all, the innovative “Keyless Entry and Slide” system, which is scheduled to be available from autumn 2006. This is designed to help drivers with an armful of parcels who don’t have a free hand to operate the door. This system unlocks either the door on the driver’s side or opens the sliding door, depending on the direction from which the driver approaches the vehicle. As soon as the driver walks away from the vehicle, the Keyless Entry system automatically locks the driver’s door or shuts the sliding door.
High-tech diesel engines: powerful and clean
The basis for the Euro 4-compliant diesel engines is the four-cylinder CDI turbodiesel OM 646 with 2.2 l of displacement, now in four output ratings, ranging from 65 kW (88 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp). Some variants of this engine even feature two-stage supercharging. The new top-of-the range diesel engine is a 3.0 l V6 OM 642 unit delivering an output of 135 kW (184 hp) and maximum torque of 400 Nm. All the diesel engines meet the Euro 4 or EU 4/III exhaust emission standards and are fitted with a particulate filter as standard. They only need an oil change after 40,000 kilometres — the equivalent of once around the world.
Introducing a new dimension in performance, the 3.5-litre M 272 V6 petrol engine boasts an output of 190 kW (258 hp). This high-tech unit not only delivers effortless performance but is also exceptionally smooth-running. Power is transmitted to the rear axle via a five-speed automatic gearbox. This is also optionally available for any of the diesel engines, which are fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard.
Innovative chassis and Adaptive ESP with expanded functionality as standard
The chassis of the rear-wheel drive vehicle is in every respect a perfect match for the impressive pulling power of the engines and the variance between the vehicle’s weight when empty and loaded. Like its predecessor, only more so, the chassis has been designed to deliver neutral handling properties with slight understeer to ensure excellent control of the vehicle at all times. It features a new cross-leaf spring made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic at the front axle and parabolic springs at the rear axle.
All models, including chassis versions, are fitted as standard with a new-generation ESP Electronics Stability Programme known as Adaptive ESP. In addition to the usual ESP parameters, this also determines the vehicle’s mass and centre of gravity. All Sprinter models are fitted with 16-inch wheels as standard, which are necessary to accommodate larger brake discs than in the outgoing generation.
In a further innovation, single rear wheels are also optionally available with 4.6 t models. Compared to twin wheels, these so-called supersingle 285/65 R 16 C tyres occupy less space and therefore enable greater clearance between the wheel arches.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4: excellent traction and driving stability thanks to all-wheel drive
The all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 is making its first appearance at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. The van delivers impressive traction and driving stability even under poor driving conditions. The permanent all-wheel drive distributes engine power between the front and rear axles at a ratio of 35:65 in normal operation. Instead of mechanical differential locks, the all-wheel drive system is equipped with the 4-ETS Electronic Traction System. If one or more wheels lose traction, these are automatically braked at rapid intervals. At the same time, the drive torque is transferred to those wheels that still have sufficient grip.
The Sprinter 4x4 will be available with all body, length and weight variants. The van is powered by four- and six-cylinder CDI engines with power outputs of 80 kW (109 hp), 110 kW (150 hp) and 135 kW (184 hp). A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard. Alternatively, a five-speed torque converter transmission is also available. For especially demanding uses, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 will also be available with selectable all-wheel drive and a selectable low-range gearbox with a 1:1.4 reduction ratio.
The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter at the 2006 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show
A total of 11 exhibits at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show reflect the tremendous range and importance of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter line-up. From the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 209 CDI to the Sprinter 518 CDI, all the vans are being presented with bodies and equipment extensions suited for everyday applications.
Van Solution: made-to-measure vans
  • New: intensified partnership with selected body manufacturers
  • New: system partners guarantee tested bodies and equipment extensions from a single source
  • Eight system partners; more than 60 different vehicle variants
The new “Van Solution” concept from DaimlerChrysler’s Vans unit makes it possible to provide customised vans from a single source. Van Solution is the result of close cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and renowned bodywork manufacturers. All in all, eight system partners produce a host of additional Sprinter variants, thereby expanding the already extensive product range. In fact, the many different new options mean that there are now more than one hundred different types of vans available for professional commercial applications. These include classic applications such as refrigeration vehicles, mobile workshops, dry-goods boxes and three-way tippers, thereby covering a multitude of sectors. Customers benefit from being able to obtain all of these vehicles directly from a single source via any Mercedes-Benz partner.
Van Solution: intensified partnership with selected body manufacturers
Thanks to its variants, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can satisfy a variety of requirements right from the outset. Nevertheless, specialised assignments require specialised solutions that only competent body manufacturers can offer. Mercedes-Benz has always worked very closely with body producers, but now that cooperation has moved into a new dimension: In order to ensure that every customer for a Mercedes-Benz van can find exactly the vehicle they need, the brand has established “Van Solution” — a systemised partnership with selected body manufacturers. Van Solution is kicking off in Germany with the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
This system of supplying professionally equipped vehicles for commercial businesses from a single source offers numerous benefits.
Advantages: customers needn’t search for a body manufacturer themselves, as their purchase of a complete vehicle — including financing, assembly, and delivery — is transacted without delay or red tape, thus simplifying their fleet management operations.
System partnership: tried and tested bodies and extensions from a single source
With Van Solution, precisely defined bodies and extensions from the Mercedes- Benz partners — as well as other special equipment — are all provided by a single source. What’s more, the configured vehicles are tested and accepted by Mercedes-Benz prior to delivery to the customer. After an order is placed, the additional equipment required by the basic vehicle for the specific body (e.g. stabilisers for heavy-payload vehicles, auxiliary drives, connections for electrical/electronic systems, etc.) is automatically fitted. Rather than resulting in standardised vehicles taken off the shelf, so to speak, the system of cooperation has led to a broad range of more than 60 vehicle variants produced by eight renowned body manufacturers. Depending on the system partner in question, anywhere from one to 17 variants — plus numerous options — are possible. All in all, customers can use these options to configure their customised van by choosing among far more than 100 individual solutions covering all different types of requirements.
Eight system partners, numerous types of vans
The system partnership is able to offer complete vehicles for many different sectors. The range of products includes bodies and extensions for refrigerated vehicles from the companies Kiesling und Kerstner, workshop equipment from Bott and Sortimo, dry-goods transport equipment from the companies Junge and Spier, and three-way tippers from Dautel and Meiller. That’s because when choosing its system partners, the unit focused not only on high-quality and sector-specific product variety as criteria, but also on the provision of comprehensive service. Such service includes complete vehicle documentation, consulting and service hotlines, spare parts stockholding, and reliable after-sales service provided by the system partner in question.
Mercedes-Benz Vario: upgrade for technology and appointments
  • Powerful and economical engines fulfil EU Euro 4 emission standard
  • Choice of six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission
  • New colours and materials in the cab
The classic among the large vans is indestructible: for ten years now, the Mercedes-Benz Vario with 6.0 to 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight has rounded out the payload range of vans and light trucks. The new generation Vario is here: the upgrade focuses on powerful diesel engines that comply fully with the EU emissions standard Euro 4 and new transmissions. The Vario also offers a modernised vehicle cab interior.
BlueTec diesel technology for Euro 4 means cleaner exhaust and lower fuel consumption
Low-emission diesel engines with BlueTec diesel technology using the SCR process (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction) characterise the new generation of the Vario. A key component of BlueTec diesel technology involves the comprehensive further development of the diesel engines. Efforts here focused on a further reduction of raw emissions with a clear emphasis on combustion that leads to the lowest level of particulate emissions possible, while also reducing fuel consumption. Thanks to the high efficiency of the combustion, a particulate filter is not necessary.
The nitrogen oxides are converted to harmless nitrogen and water vapour with the help of an after-treatment system based on the SCR principle, which involves the addition of the aqueous carbamide solution AdBlue in a catalytic converter. Vehicles fill up with AdBlue via a second filler neck located in the engine compartment. The Ad-Blue tank is located under the vehicle floor, behind the passenger’s seat. It holds 18 litres of Ad-Blue — sufficient that it only needs to be refilled after approximately three tanks of diesel have been consumed.
Powerful and economical engines
As before, the Mercedes-Benz Vario is equipped with the powerful four-cylinder turbodiesel engines of the OM 904 LA series. The state-of-the-art engines with a displacement of 4.2 litres have a completely electronic engine management system, three valves per cylinder and pump-line-nozzle injection technology with dedicated unit pumps. The engines are available in three output ratings: 95 kW (129 hp) and 490 Nm of torque, 115 kW (156 hp) and 610 Nm and 130 kW (177 hp) and 675 Nm and are now also available for all output ratings except for tippers and all-wheel drive variants.
Choice of six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission
All Vario vehicles now feature a six-speed manual transmission as standard. Greater convenience is offered by the new, optionally available five-speed automatic converter transmission (previously four-speed). The new automatic transmission is now available for all output ratings. Both of the new transmissions in the Vario deliver improved tractive power and better economy thanks to optimised gear ratio spacing.
New colours and materials in the cab
The new, elegant door panelling with integrated stowage and the altered wheel arch covers are immediately apparent on entering the cab of the new-generation Vario. No less noticeable is the instrument panel, now in a two-tone black and grey finish. The interior trim, the roof liner and the upholstery fabrics are also new. The Mercedes-Benz Vario’s well-known advantages continue to impress: it is robust and dependable, has a high payload, and is available in a wide range of variants, as panel van, chassis with cab, platform, tipper and crewcab as well as with all-wheel drive. With up to four wheelbases, the Vario’s flexibility is obvious. The panel van’s cargo space can accommodate a maximum of 17.4 m³.
The Mercedes-Benz Vario at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show 2006
The Vario is presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in the model variant 818 DA as a construction industry vehicle with a tipper body from Meiller. The crewcab with all-wheel drive demonstrates the stamina and resilience of the large van.
Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano: top technology
  • New: permanent four-wheel drive in Vito 4X4 and Viano 4Matic
  • New: Vito 120 CDI/Viano CDI 3.0 sets standard in engineering and running characteristics
  • New: more output and lower consumption with piezo injectors
  • New: cockpit enhanced with new instruments
The Mercedes-Benz Vito van, introduced in the summer of 2003 together with the MPV Mercedes-Benz Viano, comes in a number of body, drive and equipment variants that offer anything a customer might want in a compact van of up to three tonnes gross vehicle weight. At the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006, DaimlerChrysler is showing the models Vito 4x4 and Viano 4Matic with permanent all-wheel drive, the strapping Vito 120 CDI and Viano CDI 3.0 and the attractive special-edition model Viano Activity. Furthermore, the cockpit has been redesigned in the Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano. The four-cylinder diesel engines have been equipped with piezo injection technology.
More output and lower consumption with piezo injectors
The diesel injection of the modern CDI engines with common-rail technology is even more efficient thanks to piezo injectors. The response time of piezo elements is only about a third of the response time of solenoids. Besides featuring new injection technology, some of the engines also have higher output and torque. The new range of four-cylinder diesel engines comprises the following output ratings:
  • 70 kW (95 hp) output, maximum torque 250 Nm,
  • 85 kW (115 hp) output, maximum torque 290 Nm,
  • 110 kW (150 hp) output, maximum torque 330 Nm.
With the introduction of piezo technology, the fuel consumption values of all output ratings were reduced, compared to those of the previous engines in the EU 4/III category. Cleanness is a salient feature of the range in any event: in Germany, all Vianos with diesel engines come with a particulate filter as standard equipment. The particle filter is an option for all Vitos.
Vito 120 CDI/Viano CDI 3.0: standard in engineering and running characteristics
The V6 CDI, the top diesel engine of the Viano and now the Vito as well, already has the piezo injection technology. And many other highlights as well: the double Vito 120 CDI and Viano CDI 3.0 sets new standards in engineering, power development and running characteristics. The V6 diesel engine with 3.0-litre displacement achieves new record values for diesel engines in the category of MPVs with its output of 150 kW (204 hp) and with its maximum torque of 440 Nm at 1800 rpm–2400 rpm. This results in impressive performance features: the Viano CDI 3.0 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.2 seconds and achieves a top speed of 198 km/h.
The basis for this is the outstanding technology of the ultra-modern V6 cylinder engine (OM 642), featuring an aluminium crankcase, balancer shaft, four-valve technology, four overhead camshafts with a duplex-chain drive, a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry and latest-generation common-rail injection. Power is transferred by a five-speed automatic transmission. Because of the outstanding drive technology, the Vito 120 CDI and Viano CDI 3.0 achieve a very low level of fuel consumption. Both the overall value of 9.2 litres per 100 km and the individual values (11.9 litres/100 km in town and 7.5 litres/100 km in country) are very good in view of the vehicle format and performance characteristics.
Permanent four-wheel drive in Vito 4X4 and Viano 4Matic
In the Vito 4x4 and the Viano 4Matic, the driving force is transmitted to the front and rear axles at a ratio of 35:65 in normal driving. The all-wheel drive works in conjunction with the electronic traction system 4ETS: if one or more wheels lose traction on a slippery surface, 4ETS automatically brakes the spinning wheels with short pulses and thereby increases the drive moment at the wheels with good traction to the same degree.
Cockpit enhanced with new instruments
Beginning in the autumn, the driver’s area of the Vito and Viano will be upgraded with a new instrument cluster in two variants. In each case, these are based on large and clear dial-type instruments for the display of speed and rpm. Depending on the equipment variant, an LCD display or two pixel-matrix displays are situated among them. They provide information including the mileage, coolant temperature, time, external temperature and how full the fuel tank is (matrix instrument: separate display for fuel reserve). Large lettering and bright illumination ensure optimal readability. Another new feature of the cockpit is a seat-belt warning for the driver and passenger seat. If the driver or front-seat passenger doesn’t belt up, there is a visual and acoustic reminder. The belt warning is standard equipment in the Viano, but it is optional in the Vito.
Attractive special-edition model: Mercedes-Benz Viano Activity
For those who want a MPV which is both flexible and sporty, the special-edition Mercedes-Benz Viano Activity is the right choice. Whether it comes with colour-glazed black glass in the rear or heat-insulating glass with a shade band for the windshield, with wide-base 225/55 R 17 tyres or attractive light-alloy wheels of size 7Jx17 — the Viano Activity comes across as both sporty and exclusive. The dynamic outfitting is complemented by the standard metallic paint finish. The Viano Activity underscores its practical side with illuminated exits, the Parktronic system and electrically collapsible exterior mirrors.
Exemplary safety equipment
The safety equipment of the Vito and Viano is exemplary and unsurpassed. While the Viano features the latest-generation ESP, and the Vito is equipped with Adaptive ESP, both vehicle series come with ABS, EBV, ASR and BAS as standard, as well as with a driver-side airbag. The crewbus variants of the Vito and the Viano also come with a front-seat passenger airbag as standard equipment. Thorax sidebags (standard in the Viano Ambiente line) and windowbags are available on request.
The Mercedes-Benz Vito and Viano at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006
Seven exhibits convey the spectrum of Mercedes-Benz Vito vehicles at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in Hanover. The range includes a panel van with Sortimo body, two CEP vehicles with different bodies, a high-traction Vito 115 CDI 4x4 crewbus, a Vito 120 CDI for distribution applications, a Vito 120 CDI Mixto, a deep-frozen goods vehicle and a Vito with a special body for use as a high-capacity taxi. Two Vianos are on show: an elegant Viano CDI 3.0 in the Ambiente appointments line as a special model Activity and the sporty-design Viano Trend with “Bike Packet”.
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