Press Kit: DaimlerChrysler at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in Hanover
Sep 19, 2006
In top form: services from DaimlerChrysler
DaimlerChrysler Financial Services: financial services for all sectors
  • Leasing, financing, insurance and fleet management
  • Attractive insurance offerings
DaimlerChrysler Financial Services supports the worldwide commercial vehicle sales of all DaimlerChrysler brands by offering a range of customised financing and service products for buyers of commercial vehicles.
Leasing and financing from DaimlerChrysler Bank
DaimlerChrysler Bank is the largest financer of commercial vehicles in Germany. Its range of financial service products encompasses financing and insurance solutions for trucks, buses and vans. Whether customers require traditional financing contracts, balloon payments, seasonal contracts, Plus 3 financing with three options at the end of the contract, or leasing contracts for a prearranged number of kilometres and with a guaranteed residual value, they are sure to find the right solution at DaimlerChrysler Bank.
Attractive insurance products
DaimlerChrysler Bank offers attractive insurance products for vans that vary according to the vehicle’s application. The rates are all low, although they differ depending on whether the vans are used for plant traffic, commercial freight transport or for courier, express delivery and parcel (CEP) services. DaimlerChrysler Vorsorge und Versicherungsdienst (VVD) has meanwhile developed a low-premium kilowatt-based insurance offer for fleets consisting of a mixture of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The offer will be valid until December 31, 2006. DaimlerChrysler VVD also offers insurance concepts for bus operators that include a comprehensive range of services such as damage cover in foreign countries and claims management.
FleetBoard: new products help save costs and simplify fleet management
  • New: FleetBoard time management simplifies payroll accounting
  • New: FleetBoard flatrate fee reduces communications costs
  • New: online monitoring of refrigeration data
FleetBoard is presenting numerous innovations and expanded products. In addition to new time management and trailer telematics services, the market leader in fleet telematics is offering its customers a Europe-wide flatrate for its services. Besides introducing new products, FleetBoard is improving and augmenting its existing product range.
New: FleetBoard time management simplifies payroll accounting
The main aim of the new FleetBoard time management service is to simplify the recording and evaluation of driver working times. The system allows working times to be recorded with either digital or analogue tachographs, or without any tachograph at all. In addition, the FleetBoard DispoPilot enables users to record data for various working time categories that go beyond those covered by tachographs. The system allows companies to dispense with various tasks, because it enables dispatchers to check that the statutory rest and driving times are adhered to and optimise planning. Thanks to the FleetBoard Web Services interface, the drivers’ working times can be easily transmitted to the evaluation and payroll accounting software. Doing so particularly simplifies the accounting of time-dependent remuneration.
New: FleetBoard flatrate fee reduces communications costs
Freight-forwarding companies that are active throughout Europe especially benefit from the new international flatrate fee, which is valid for more than 50 countries. Customers pay a monthly flatrate fee for every service they receive. This covers all service fees and communications costs, which not only makes it easier to calculate communications costs in advance, but also leads to significant cost savings. As a result, shipping companies and freight-forwarding businesses that use services from FleetBoard do not need additional SIM cards or contracts with mobile phone operators.
New: online monitoring of refrigeration data
For the first time ever, FleetBoard is also offering telematics services for vehicle bodies, trailers and semi-trailers. In addition to trailer positioning, the service package encompasses the monitoring of refrigeration temperature and door contacts. The vehicle’s position can be displayed on a digital map, while the temperature is depicted by means of a table as well as a chart. An alarm is issued should the temperature deviate from the target value, and an e-mail or text message is sent to the recipient of the cargo to notify him or her of this fact. All of the data can be collected into reports.
Additional product functions
FleetBoard is now also offering vehicle management services for the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The system can supply a wealth of driving data via a standardised interface for further evaluation. The mobile FleetBoard DispoPilot is being expanded to include a number of new functions. When in full-size mode, the 3D navigation system helps drivers better find drop-off and pick-up locations. The system has been made more user-friendly by enabling drivers to enter post codes and a list of different routes. Other new features such as the electronic signature function provide documentation that the cargo has been received. Another new feature involves the automatic comparison of target and actual values. To make this comparison, the driver scans the packages using the DispoPilot. The system then notifies the driver if all packages have been unloaded or if any packages are still missing. And in order to increase the efficiency of the transport process, drivers will be able to select only certain status messages in the future. Optionally, a required sequence can be set to simplify order processing substantially. Thanks to status messages transmitted from the vehicle, dispatchers are always able to respond quickly if a driver should be unable to keep to his or her schedule.
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay: service with a system
  • Three tailor-made service packages
  • Services offered throughout Europe
  • A selection of 3000 trucks and trailers for hire
Leasing, rental, garage service: Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers mobility, procurement and service all from a single source, with service packages comprising individually combinable elements and tailor-made solutions to suit each type of use. The focus is on providing the customer with known costs, flexibility and protection against downtimes.
Three tailor-made service packages
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay provides three basic service packages: CharterWay Service (repairs and garage services), Service-Leasing and Vehicle Hire. The Service and Service-Leasing packages feature three levels of performance: CharterWay “Advance” (basic drive-train warranty), “Select” (basic drive-train warranty and maintenance) and “Excellent” (comprehensive maintenance and repair services).
CharterWay services throughout Europe
Back in 1992, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay began offering services in Germany, Belgium, France, the UK and the Netherlands. The rapid development continued with expansion to Italy and Spain. Because the results were very positive, CharterWay expanded to Portugal, Austria and Switzerland as well as to the first countries in eastern Europe: Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition to further development in northern Europe, the opportunity to expand eastwards enabled CharterWay to enter additional eastern European markets.
Today, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is offering its range of services in 20 countries throughout Europe and the development continues to be positive. The services are offered in a number of variants, which are tailored to the needs of the respective markets. CharterWay manages a fleet of 160,000 vehicles, making the market leader among automakers in the contract hire business.
A selection of 3000 trucks and trailers for hire
CharterWay currently has a fleet of around 3000 vehicles available for hire, ranging from standard automobiles to special-purpose vehicles. In addition, customers can also hire entire trains of vehicles. Vehicles can be hired for a vast range of rental periods, extending from a single day to several years. To help companies negotiate periods of peak orders, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay will also provide a hire vehicle together with a driver.
In the course of 2006, CharterWay will equip 1000 of its vehicles with the Fleet-Board telematics system, and by the end of next year, every vehicle of the major fleet should be fitted with Fleet-Board.
Services for Mercedes-Benz Trucks: product-oriented, flexible and diverse
  • Broad and flexible range of product-related services
  • The “Drivers Inn” at the Mercedes-Benz stand in Hall 14/15
Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers a uniquely diverse portfolio of products and associated services to ensure that customers receive the very best in sales and after-sales support during a vehicle’s entire lifecycle.
When it comes to vehicle procurement, DaimlerChrysler Bank and Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offer individually tailored financing and leasing packages. As far as fuel costs are concerned, Mercedes-Benz trucks equipped with diesel engines featuring BlueTec technology help customers reduce fuel consumption. Likewise, Mercedes-Benz training courses and controlling systems, such as telematics services from FleetBoard, teach drivers how to cut consumption at the wheel as well as exposing operational weak points and enhancing fleet management.
And if the worst comes to the worst, customers can always turn to Service 24 h, which provides a European-wide service network around the clock. Trucks from Mercedes-Benz also lead the way in cab comfort, which is a precondition for good transport performance. The same applies to technology designed to boost active safety — systems such as Telligent Stability Control, Telligent Lane Assistant and Active Brake Assist. And when the time has come to trade in a trusty partner for a new model, the Truck Store is the place to go.
The “Drivers Inn” at the 2006 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show
At the “Drivers Inn” on the Mercedes-Benz stand in Hall 14/15, visitors, customers and drivers can meet up in a pleasant atmosphere for a peaceful chat with experts from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.
Naturally, all refreshments are free of charge. In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to view a number of historical exhibits as well as enjoy an entertaining supporting programme.
Professional Training already meets EU standards
  • EU Directive requires drivers to take 35 hours of further training in every five years
  • Professional Training to comply with EU requirements from 2007
From September 2009, drivers of trucks, buses and coaches will have to regularly attend classes again. This is because EU Directive 2003/59/EC requires drivers to complete 35 hours of further training in every five years, or their driving licences will not be renewed. The Mercedes-Benz Professional Training programme is already prepared for the Directive, as the Eco-Training and Driver Safety Training courses will comply with the EU requirements from next year.
EU Directive requires drivers to take 35 hours of further training in every five years
The European Union wants to improve the training and further education of truck and bus drivers and issue them with qualifications that go beyond the driving licence. The aim is to improve safety and profitability as well as boost the professional standing of the drivers. The new Directive affects both beginning truck and bus drivers and existing ones. In the future, they will have to complete at least five courses of seven hours each over a period of five years. These courses cover driving safety/motor vehicle technology, economical driving, securing loads, traffic law and social behaviour.
Professional Training to comply with EU requirements from 2007
The Mercedes-Benz Professional Training programme for truck drivers has already been prepared for the new further training directive, as the Eco-Training and Driver Safety Training courses will comply with the EU requirements from next year. Drivers who take part in these courses can earn the qualification they need to retain their driving certificate early on. The courses on securing loads, traffic law and social behaviour will also be integrated into the programme by 2009.
Similar offers also exist for drivers of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches. They are described in the chapter titled “Omniplus”.
Genuine accessories and the Driversline Collection: fittings, accessories, scale models and clothing
  • Tailor-made fittings for the Actros and co
  • New scale-model vehicles plus a fire-fighting diorama
Dreams come true for Actros, Axor and Atego drivers, thanks to Mercedes-Benz genuine accessories. And it’s a similar story with the specially selected articles from the Driversline Collection, which features a variety of scale-model vehicles as well as clothing items and a host of other accessories to delight the heart of every commercial vehicle enthusiast. Numerous new products for model vehicle enthusiasts will be introduced at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006.
Genuine accessories — tailor-made fittings for the Actros and co.
The range of external decor extends from attractive transfers and stickers to roof-light brackets and a selection of brilliant stainless steel and chrome fittings. And with steps made of stainless steel, climbing into the truck is a real joy. There is also a range of appointments on offer to help drivers customise their cab inside. For this purpose, Mercedes-Benz offers a vast range of certified original components, including towel holders, stowage solutions, decorative wood and aluminium trim, CD changers, and even complete kitchens.
Stylish and functional — the items of the Driversline Collection
The Driversline Collection from Mercedes-Benz features a whole variety of scale-model vehicles as well as smart and practical accessories and items of clothing for drivers out on the road, including jackets, waistcoats, hats and caps, a toilet bag with integrated mirror — all in choice quality.
New scale-model vehicles plus a fire-fighting diorama
Models in 1:87 scale are now available of the Mercedes-Benz Actros “Black Edition”, as well as of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and the current generations of the Travego, Integro and Citaro. The highlight is a compact diorama — “Firefighting in an industrial plant” — with howling sirens, flashing signal lights and announcements. In the midst of all the action is a Mercedes-Benz Axor TLF 24/50 and a Sprinter that serves as a crewbus.
The Driversline Collection at the 2006 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show
Selected items from the Driversline Collection can be viewed and purchased from a separate shop on the Mercedes-Benz stand in Hall 14/15. The items include a range of driver’s accessories and clothing such as jackets, T-shirts, polo shirts and baseball caps, as well as scale models of vehicles.
TruckStore: expanded products and services for used trucks
  • TruckStore is the brand for used trucks from Mercedes-Benz
  • New: active purchasing of all truck brands and body types
  • New: extended warranty for Actros and Axor
  • 26 locations in 11 countries with 3500 trucks
The professional truck business has a name: TruckStore. The brand is responsible within DaimlerChrysler AG for the Europe-wide used truck business. Now with 26 locations in 11 countries, TruckStore is not just limited to Mercedes-Benz Trucks. It accepts any individual vehicle or fleet of vehicles in trade. In addition, the product range is being expanded through the active purchase of used trucks, thus enabling TruckStore to customise its offerings to the needs of a variety of individual markets. The Internet site — — is key pillar of TruckStore. For international vehicle searches the website links the inventories of all 26 locations in 11 countries. Within seconds the website user can search the complete European inventory of around 3500 trucks for the vehicle that meets his needs. In order to reach as many customers as possible the Internet site “speaks” 11 languages. In the new web shop, the trucking professional will find a host of accessories — from driving jackets to thermos flasks.
Extended warranties for used Actros and Axor
Since April 2006 TruckStore has been offering extended warranties for used Mercedes-Benz trucks from the Actros and Axor production series. They cover the complete drive train for up to 900,000 km. The warranty begins on the day of the vehicle purchase and is available for periods of one and two years. The warranty applies to customers who purchase and register their vehicles in Germany, but it is valid throughout Europe.
Inspected, ready for service and covered by warranty: used vans from Mercedes-Benz
  • 64 Used Van Centres (TGC) in Germany
  • All vehicles workshop-inspected and thoroughly serviced
Buying a used van is often a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new vehicle. And that’s especially true if it has been fully inspected to ensure top performance and appearance, thoroughly serviced, covered by a used vehicle warranty —and when the owners enjoy the convenience of being able to choose their own vans at one of the 64 specialised Used Van Centres (TGCs) located throughout Germany. The TGCs stand for a unique seal of quality ensuring trouble-free operation of used vehicles. This ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained.
All vehicles workshop-inspected and thoroughly serviced
Before a used van can be offered for sale in a TGC, it must undergo intensive inspections and thorough preparation. Specialists clean the vehicle, remove any stickers or similar, and inspect the vehicles’ technical systems. Automotive technicians from the German technical inspection organisation TÜV perform tests to ensure proper functioning of components related to vehicle safety. Following any needed maintenance and repairs, the vehicle is meticulously prepared for the customer: minor adjustments and improvements are made, followed by a final cleaning and polishing.
Upon the customer’s request, the TGCs can provide a full range of customised body installations and modifications for the vans, ranging from the installation of trailer couplings to the integration of tool storage and workbench features. To ensure secure planning of subsequent maintenance and service costs, it pays for the new owners to purchase a used vehicle warranty. The warranties offered are valid for a maximum of two years. And used van owners will discover even more in the wide range of services provided by the TGCs: including vehicle trade-ins and a full array of leasing and financing services and even hire vehicles from the partner organisation CharterWay.
Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano, and Sprinter: 3 and 4-star service warranty packages
  • Warranty can be extended to three or four years
  • All maintenance costs included in price
Customers who purchase a Mercedes-Benz Vito, Viano or Sprinter now have even more reason to relax and enjoy their vehicles: The new 3 and 4-star service warranty packages extend the manufacturer’s warranty and cover all required maintenance.
Warranty, maintenance and mobility
Customers can choose from two packages: in line with its name, the 3-star service warranty package is valid for three years (or 100,000 km), and the 4-star package covers a four year period (or 120,000 km for Vito/Viano, 150,000 km for the Sprinter). Each package includes extended warranty coverage for the respective time periods as well as all maintenance, including oil and original parts. This ensures that customers who purchase the packages can predict their service and maintenance costs with much greater accuracy. The packages also include “Mobility-Go”, which is in effect a warranty that ensures mobility.
The warranty is valid throughout Europe, however maintenance work and all other work that can be scheduled in advance must be carried out at the workshops of Mercedes-Benz-authorised partners in Germany. The prices are the same for the Vito, Viano and Sprinter: € 1390 (plus VAT) for the 3-star service warranty package, and € 2190 (plus VAT) for the 4-star package. For commercial vehicles, the new extended warranties can be purchased up to three months after a new vehicles registration.
Omniplus: services for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches
  • New: 40th service centre opened in Prague, Bucharest to follow
  • New: driver training in accordance with EU Directives
  • New: price reduction for genuine spare parts
Omniplus, the service brand of EvoBus GmbH, offers owners and drivers of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches numerous special services for themselves and their vehicles. Omniplus has the most extensive bus service network in Europe, with 40 EvoBus-service centres and more than 600 service outlets. The network is divided into three service categories: Omniplus Bus World, Omniplus Bus Port, and Bus Point. In August, for example, the 40th EvoBus service centre celebrated its grand opening in the Czech capital of Prague, and the 41st is set to open in Bucharest, Romania, in October, shortly after this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicle Show.
Omniplus has been very active in the area of genuine spare parts. Since the beginning of this year, the prices of six component families have been reduced, and the prices for an additional six frequently demanded component families were then lowered in mid-year.
In the future, bus drivers — as well as truck drivers — will have to complete at least five courses of seven hours each over a period of five years as part of their ongoing training. And the training programme offered by Omniplus is the ideal choice for gaining these qualifications: EU-compliant seminars for drivers of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches are scheduled to begin as early as 2007. At the IAA, Omniplus will be represented at the Mercedes-Benz stand and as part of Setra’s presentation. Omniplus will also offer a sample safety course this year for Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus drivers at the ADAC test track located near the IAA exhibition centre, as well as on the centre’s outside grounds.
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