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Sep 19, 2006
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter: more economical, more powerful and clean thanks to common-rail technology
  • New: diesel engines with common-rail technology
  • New: the world’s most environmentally friendly light-duty truck - the Canter Eco Hybrid
  • Performance range significantly expanded
  • Improvements in detail further enhance functionality and safety
The seventh-generation Mitsubishi Fuso Canter light-duty truck, which was newly introduced last year — puts the focus on functionality and safety, economy and reliability, as well as comfort. These properties have been further enhanced for the 2007 model year. The Canter is getting a range of new engines, featuring common-rail technology, to coincide with the introduction of the EU emissions standard Euro 4. And a wealth of new details are further improving the cab in terms of functionality and safety.
New diesel engines with common-rail technology
Canter purchasers will now have the choice of four newly developed common-rail diesel engines that comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard and feature cooled exhaust gas recirculation along with a particulate catalytic converter. The engines also feature variable-geometry turbochargers. The changes add up to low fuel consumption; lower exhaust emissions; improved responsiveness, especially at lower rpm, and increased torque over an extended range of engine speeds.
The performance range has been expanded as a result of the new development. Making its debut in the 3.5-tonne Canter range is a three-litre engine with an output of 81 kW (110 hp). This engine has a peak torque of 255 Nm. The 3.5-tonne variant with the wide single cab can now also be specified with an engine delivering 107 kW (145 hp) and 362 Nm. The same engine is also available for the Canter with 6.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.
In addition to this, the 6.5-tonne and 7.5-tonne models are now available with an extra-powerful engine developing 132 kW (180 hp) from its 4.9 litres of displacement. Its maximum torque is 529 Nm at 1600 rpm. All Canter models powered by this engine include a 24V electrical system (as opposed to the 12V system fitted to the other models).
Improvements in detail further enhance functionality and safety
Additional improvements have also further improved the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter with respect to functionality and safety. The oil change intervals, for instance, have been lengthened for enhanced cost effectiveness to 30,000 km, a figure that often exceeds the actual distance travelled by vehicles of this class. The exterior mirrors with increased field of view enhance operating safety, as do the new, adjustable headrests.
With its new, weight-optimised engines, the Canter is increasing its lead in terms of payload. The chassis, with 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight can carry up to 4883 kg. The truck’s outstanding practicality is demonstrated by the wide variety of models and the utilisation of space. Thanks to its cab-over-engine design, it can transport an impressive payload. Versatility is reflected in a choice of four cabs, four weight ratings from 3.5 up to 7.5 tonnes permissible gross vehicle weight and a total of seven wheelbase versions ranging from 2500 mm to the top-of-the-range version with 4470 mm axle separation and extra-wide frame. The cab range, comprising the slimline standard cab and wide comfort cab, both available in either single or crewcab versions, allows the Canter to meet the needs of a wide range of sectors.
In addition the Mitsubishi Canter boasts a truly special feature: it’s the first cab-over-engine truck with a joystick gearshift in the instrument panel. The short shift lever is located within easy reach on the dashboard, where it takes up little space.
New Canter Eco Hybrid is the world’s most environmentally-friendly light-duty truck
In July 2006, Mitsubishi Fuso presented the Canter Eco Hybrid, the world’s most environmentally-friendly light-duty truck, which it introduced to Japan. At the heart of the vehicle’s diesel-electric drive system is a 3.0-litre turbodiesel with an output of 92 kW (125 hp), an electric motor generating 35 kW (48 hp), high-performance lithium-ion batteries and the automated Inomat-II manual transmission. Depending on the driving situation, the Eco Hybrid is driven by a either diesel engine or an electric motor, or both in parallel. This reduces emissions of particulates by 46 % and of nitrogen oxides by 41 %. The vehicle’s integrated regenerative braking system produces an additional fuel saving of as much as 20 %.
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