Press Kit: Maybach at the Auto China 2008
Apr 20, 2008
Maybach meets even the most unusual requirements: Individualised luxury and comfort at the highest level
  • Finest materials create automotive gems
  • Hand-crafted coats of arms and marquetry
  • Extensive range of luxury appointments to meet individual customer requirements
Aesthetics, perfectionism and appealing elegance - these are the principles which Maybach applies both to the exterior and interior design of these high-end luxury saloons. In addition, the Maybach luxury brand offers customers unique ways in which to equip their top-class cars. The Manufaktur in Sindelfingen is able to meet almost any special customer requirement, repeatedly coming up with new, superb materials and paint finishes - many of them specially developed for Maybach and not available from any other vehicle maker.
In developing new, unusual paints and materials Maybach is continuing a long tradition. In the 1920s and 1930s the luxury brand, together with Mercedes-Benz, already represented the pinnacle of German and international automotive engineering. Then as now, select materials were stylishly and painstakingly hand-crafted so as to meet the requirements of customers who were looking for something very special. Today, too, Maybach Manufaktur is constantly expanding its official range of optional and customised equipment, one of the main sources of inspiration being the continuous dialogue with Maybach customers which keeps the brand fully up to date with the emerging new needs and wishes of this, the most exclusive group among car buyers.
One of the consequences of the Maybach policy of intensive contact with customers is that the high-end luxury saloons can now be equipped with an optional compass which is fitted in the centre console ahead of the rear seats. Developed specially for Maybach, it is based on the same highly precise GPS technology as the satellite navigation system. An elegantly designed compass face indicates the direction of two different destinations to the rear passengers - one destination is variable, the other fixed. By way of example, the needle can be set to always point towards Mecca, thus allowing those of Islamic faith to choose the correct praying position regardless of where they are in the world. In the variable mode, the needle can indicate the direction of the owner's house or the vehicle's final destination; once this point has been reached, the ingenious compass signals this to the rear passenger(s) by rotating its face.
Coats of arms and monograms: personalised perfection
It goes without saying that Maybach also offers its highly discerning customers plenty of scope to give their high-end luxury saloons an even more exclusive interior. For example, Maybach Manufaktur can implement owners’ requests for their vehicles to be adorned with their monograms and family coats of arms in many different ways - embroidered on the head restraints, printed in gold and silver on piano lacquer using an exclusive silk-screen process, or laser-etched on cushions, to mention just three examples. Customers - and not just those who are car enthusiasts or collectors of historic Maybach saloons - also have the option of having the Maybach double "M" embossed in the leather of the door panels as a sign of their special attachment to the brand. Of course, they can also choose to have their own monogram or coat of arms embossed instead.
Out-of-the-ordinary materials: gold instead of chrome, granite instead of wood
In response to customer requests, the interior appointments specialists at the luxury brand have also created a Maybach 57 which takes another approach to the use of gold: all chrome trim elements in the vehicle interior are gold-plated with a wafer-thin layer of genuine 24-carat gold. The gleam of the gold adds a heightened touch of refinement to the interior of the Maybach saloon, and harmonises perfectly with the high-quality wood and the Maybach leather used for the one-off saloon. The keys for the luxurious Maybach saloons are also available in gold. Customers seeking a somewhat less gleaming - but still extremely exclusive - interior for their Maybach can fall back on a material whose character evokes a sense of eternity. Instead of working with fine woods, the interior appointments specialists at the Manufaktur workshops in Sindelfingen can offer these customers trim elements crafted from naturally occurring granite. Formed using a highly sophisticated process, these impressive stone panels not only make a stunning visual statement, but also perform optimally with regard to safety considerations.
Tailor-made Business Package
A special Business Package for laptop users has been available as an ex-factory option for some time now. This innovative Maybach mobile office system, which includes mobile internet access and a printer, can be put together individually, following consultation with the customer. Wireless Bluetooth technology allows the customer’s own laptop to be integrated on board. For work purposes, the computer can be placed on one of the fold-down tables between the rear seats, and when not in use, it can be stowed away in a multifunction compartment on the back of the seats.
Diversity from the ground up: ten different bodies to choose from
The large scope for individualisation of the Maybach saloons starts right with the bodies of the Maybach Landaulet, the Maybach 62 and 62 S, plus the Maybach 57 and 57 S. As far as the fully closed versions in the two different vehicle lengths are concerned, the customer has a range of roof options: all-metal roof, a solar module and a sliding roof, available separately or in combination - both positioned either at the front or alternatively at the rear. On the 62 and 62 S models there is also the option of an electro-transparent panoramic glass roof in conjunction with the solar module. This means that Maybach customers can choose from no less than ten different body variants when specifying their own personal dream saloon.
The model designations are a reference to the impressive lengths of these unique vehicles: the Maybach Landaulet, Maybach 62 and 62 S flagship models measure 6.17 metres while the Maybach 57 and 57 S are 5.73 metres long.
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