Daimler Buses at the Busworld 2011
Sep 07, 2011
Omniplus: ongoing development of tailor-made bus-specific services
  • Omniplus: unique services for the bus sector
  • Genuine parts in tested Omniplus quality: safe and sure at all times
  • ServiceCard Basic and Premium: graduated service card concept
  • No unpleasant surprises from breakdown services, fixed billing standards
  • New mobility package for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses: Omniplus Bus Mobility
  • Mobility package offering comprehensive coverage
  • Round-the-clock support for drivers and bus operators
Premium service for premium buses: Omniplus, Daimler's service brand for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, offers crucial extra services for buses. Highly valued by the two brands' customers, Omniplus has already attained an unrivalled position in Europe through its complete focus on bus-specific services.
Omniplus: unique services for the bus sector
The one-stop, fully comprehensive range of services from Omniplus saves time and money. With its professional maintenance and repairs, efficient driver and service training, its large range of used vehicles and customised financial packages, Omniplus offers a unique service covering all aspects of bus operations. Economical and approved firms and garages are a vital component of professional service quality. With this in mind, the Omniplus service network is undergoing continual expansion. Omniplus offers the largest bus-specific service network in Europe, comprising over 600 authorised service centres. Corresponding to the offered scope of services tailored to the extent of customers' needs and the scale of work involved, Omniplus service centres break down into two categories – Omniplus BusWorld and Omniplus BusPort. This ensures that customers are always in the right hands, from difficult and comprehensive repair work to checks and maintenance services. 29 outlets at strategically important locations have qualified for BusWorld status to date. The Omniplus service network will remain subject to ongoing improvement and optimisation, so as to assure customers throughout Europe of competent and dedicated service for their bus fleets.
Should a bus take an unintentional break, Omniplus's 24h Service is at hand around the clock. The quality screening of Omniplus service partners and the standardised repair processes assure buses of high-quality repair on fair terms in emergencies. The Spare Parts Logistics Center in Neu-Ulm exemplifies the high efficiency of the Omniplus programme. Over 100,000 genuine parts are stored here, from complete engines to the tiniest screw. The effective functioning of a vehicle as a whole hinges on perfect interaction between its appropriately matched and coordinated parts. Checked genuine parts from Omniplus provide added reliability here. On the basis of the complete documentation of vehicles and parts and the reliable availability of genuine parts for reordering, all the parts of a bus remain fully available for at least 15 years after production of the vehicle concerned is discontinued.
Genuine parts in tested Omniplus quality: safe and sure at all times
With genuine parts in tested Omniplus quality, customers can rest assured that their bus will always remain a genuine Mercedes-Benz or Setra vehicle after repairs or maintenance work. Genuine parts from Omniplus meet the highest standards with regard to safety, reliability and economy and are designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses. In addition to its competence as a one-stop supplier of parts for buses, Omniplus also stands for the worldwide availability of genuine parts in tested Omniplus quality and logistical reliability.
The selling points of Omniplus genuine parts (quality, safety, dimensional accuracy and economy) are to be presented in detail at the Busworld Kortrijk fair, for example.
Omniplus ServiceCard Basic and Premium: graduated service card concept
Omniplus offers a graduated service card concept tailored perfectly to customers' needs: the Omniplus ServiceCard Premium is available free of charge to Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers, subject to a positive creditworthiness check, and is valid for two years. The Omniplus ServiceCard Basic, covering all brands of vehicle, is available for customers who can do without certain features of the comprehensive Premium package, such as cash-free refuelling or the toll, tunnel and ferry services.
Omniplus ServiceCard: numerous services
The ServiceCard Basic and Premium comprise numerous services. These include:
  • Omniplus workshop service
  • Free 24-hour service hotline in the customer's national language
  • Guaranteed swift and unbureaucratic payment in case of breakdown
  • Replacement bus service including driver from the Omniplus BusPool in Germany
  • International pool of addresses for replacement buses
  • Swift assistance from the Omniplus TireService in case of flat tyres
Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus customers pay a one-off fee of only 25 euros per vehicle for Omniplus ServiceCard Basic, which is valid for four years. This entitles them to certain fast, straightforward and free vehicle-specific services.
No unpleasant surprises from breakdown services, fixed billing standards
In the event of a breakdown, fast and competent assistance is guaranteed – and fixed international billing standards rule out unpleasant surprises. Fixed flat mileage rates throughout Europe, a maximum of 250 km in travel costs for outbound and return journey, fixed schedule for surcharges on labour and replacement parts outside of regular opening hours, assumption of 50% of express costs for parts procured in 24-hour service – all this provides operators and drivers with the necessary assurance in the event of a breakdown even in the remotest corners of Europe.
Omniplus ServiceCard Basic also includes an individual guaranteed payment facility for each customer. And the regular workshop service which can be paid for using ServiceCard Basic. Should the need arise, the payment facility can be increased within minutes by means of a telephone call or an online application.
The entire breakdown service from Omniplus responds with similar flexibility to the given situation: the driver reports the breakdown to the international control centre in his national language by means of the 24-hour service. The control centre requests his ServiceCard details and informs the nearest service centre. A mechanic promptly attends to the bus. In the case of rare, particularly unusual breakdowns, a specialist is called in via a hotline to provide additional back-up. Such a comprehensive and individually graduated service can only be provided by a major manufacturer using a high-calibre organisation specialised in buses, such as Omnibus. Only an organisation with this sort of set-up is capable of responding to even the most difficult breakdown situations in an appropriate manner. It is this comprehensive service that gives both the bus operator and the driver the necessary assurance as they go about their work.
Comprehensive coverage - new mobility package for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses: Omniplus BusMobility
A new service is now available from Omniplus exclusively to Mercedes-Benz and Setra customers: the BusMobility package offers all-round assistance in the event of a breakdown, mindful that time is a bus company's second most valuable asset, after its passengers. A bus that is out of service because of a breakdown or an accident costs is a cause of stress and a serious cost factor to boot. Omniplus BusMobility cuts out both of these undesirable consequences. This mobility service guarantees minimal downtimes and financial risks for customers in 40 European countries on the basis of a tight-knit service network which is available around the clock. There is no comparable product available in the bus market to date.
Mobility package offering comprehensive coverage
The comprehensive Omniplus BusMobility package is now available in addition to the services covered by the Omniplus Service Card. This package a substantially broader range of services and safeguards in the event of a breakdown, such as coverage of all call-out charges and mechanics' costs plus up to € 200.- for replacement parts required for on-the-spot assistance. These services apply regardless of whether a breakdown or accident is responsible for interrupting a journey. BusMobility coverage also extends to tyre defects, including call-out charges and 200 euros towards the cost of materials. When repair is not possible on the spot, BusMobility covers towing charges up to € 2000 p.a.
BusMobility also provides support in case of vehicle repairs at a workshop. Where necessary replacement parts are not available, express costs to obtain genuine parts are covered up to € 300.- per breakdown.
Should it prove impossible to restore mobility with the required speed despite the 24 h service from Omniplus, BusMobility will provide financial assistance to help ensure the best possible care and support for your passengers and tour personnel. Downtime costs up to a maximum of € 1500 will be covered if repair takes longer than 5 h, rising to up to € 3500 for delays in excess of 8 h.
In international travel, the hassle resulting from a breakdown or accident may be compounded by communication problems or the driver may require legal assistance. BusMobility offers the driver ideal support here, too. Should the driver of a vehicle registered for BusMobility face punishment or intervention in connection with a traffic offence, the organisational costs accruing to the operations control centre in connection with obtaining bail, verifying the legality of the imposed punishment, translation services and mediation between the police and the judiciary will be covered.
Round-the-clock support for drivers and bus operators
The 24 h service from Omniplus enables bus drivers or operators to request support by telephone around the clock. The driver or bus operator reports the breakdown to the international control centre in his national language by means of the 24-hour service. The control centre requests his Omniplus ServiceCard details and informs the nearest service centre. A mechanic promptly attends to the bus.
The BusMobility package is available both for new vehicles and for used vehicles up to the age of 8 years. The term of the mobility package can be selected as desired between one and three years. Following a one-off payment, the bus is covered throughout the agreed term for the package, with no further invoicing for services included in BusMobility within the specified limits. This ensures the best possible support for driver and operator in unpleasant situations, with the benefits of minimised costs, ensured mobility for driver and passengers, reduced downtimes, time savings and simplified communications.
With BusMobility, the new services will be available in 40 European countries in future – from Portugal to Russia and from Greece to Norway. The BusMobility package will be available from all Omniplus partners or directly when buying a new vehicle.
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