Press Kit: New products and services from the DaimlerChrysler Buses and Coaches business unit in 2005
Sep 01, 2005
New Omniplus services for Mercedes-Benz and Setra bus and coach customers
  • Omniplus „Service Select“: flexible planning of vehicle operating costs and reduction in vehicle fleet administration
  • Omniplus Tyre Service: tyre replacement around the clock in 16 European countries for Omniplus Service Card holders
  • Replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown: „Omniplus Bus Pool“ debuts in Germany
The first of three new additions to the wide range of Omniplus services for drivers and operators of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches – „Service Select“ – is being launched to coincide with the „Busworld“ show in Kortrijk. It gives bus and coach operators a choice of various individual contract modules which can be flexibly combined to enable accurate planning of vehicle operating costs as well as a reduction in vehicle fleet administration. EvoBus GmbH will further extend its wide range of Omniplus emergency services in September 2005 by adding two new modules: the Omniplus Tyre Service and the Omniplus Bus Pool.
Omniplus Service Select
Established by EvoBus GmbH in 1998, the Omniplus Service Contract and Service/ Leasing Contract – covering maintenance and repair work for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches – are to be supplemented by new services which allow flexible planning of bus and coach operating costs, thus minimising downtime, reducing the customer’s administrative expenditure and ensuring that genuine parts of proven Omniplus quality are installed. The new „Service Select“ option offers bus operators a range of services tailored to their specific needs, based on a series of service contract modules which can be flexibly combined.
The modules are as follows:
  • The base „Maintenance“ module – covers inspection costs only and can be com-bined with any of the other modules listed below
  • The „Wear Repair“ module – also covers the repair of the components normally subject to wear
  • The „Major Assemblies“ module – includes powertrain repairs (engine, transmis-sion and drive axle)
  • The „Air Conditioning“ module – covers maintenance of the entire air-conditioning system
  • The „Vehicle Management“ module – relieves the fleet operator of administrative tasks. In this case, the Omniplus staff will issue and check invoices, co-ordinate scheduled services and statutory inspections and prepare a full cost history
  • The „Full Service“ package – includes all of the modules mentioned above.
In addition, customers can also order the „Tyres“ module as a separate service, irrespective of which other modules are selected. This module includes the replacement of the tyres in the case of normal tyre wear, including valve exchange and wheel balancing, as well as payment of the labour and material costs incurred.
Omniplus Tyre Service in 16 European countries
As part of the company’s close cooperation with the tyre manufacturer Continental AG throughout Europe, the Tyre Service for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches has now been extended further in order to provide fast, on-the-spot, expert assistance in the event of tyre punctures or defects. The Omniplus Tyre Service – fast delivery and fitting of bus and coach tyres at a fixed price – is available to all bus operators and drivers who carry an Omniplus Service Card. They can call the free Tyre Service hotline on 00800-40 20 40 20 around the clock from practically anywhere in Europe and on any telephone network.
The procedure is fast and simple: if a bus or coach suffers a puncture or other tyre defect, an emergency call is made to the 24-hour service hotline. Firstly the details on the customer’s Omniplus Service Card and other details concerning the vehicle type, tyre size and location are taken down. These details are then forwarded to Continental’s 24-hour breakdown centre which immediately makes arrangements with the emergency tyre service in the country in question so that assistance can be dispatched to the scene of the breakdown. At the scene, the local emergency tyre service compares its data with the details on the driver’s Omniplus Service Card. Then the professionals get to work, first making the area safe and then fitting and balancing the new wheel correctly so that the vehicle can continue its journey. Finally, the emergency tyre service ensures that the old tyre is disposed of in the correct manner.
Omniplus Bus Pool replacement bus and coach service
Bus drivers and bus operators dread the moment when a bus or coach full of passengers breaks down en route, meaning that a replacement vehicle has to be arranged in double-quick time. Now they can ensure that passengers reach their holiday destination or get home safely without any hassle, even on the rare occasion when a broken-down bus or coach requires extensive repairs – all thanks to the new Omniplus Bus Pool service, which is initially being launched in Germany in au-tumn 2005 and is available to all Omniplus Service Card holders. The major benefit of this scheme is continued mobility with a minimum of paperwork at fair and transparent standard prices. Bus and coach companies wishing to provide vehicles for the Omniplus Bus Pool must have a fleet that includes Mercedes-Benz and/or Setra buses or coaches and are contractually bound by the conditions of the Omniplus and UTA replacement bus and coach service.
If the Omniplus 24-hour service team is unable to carry out quick repairs following a breakdown, the bus or coach operator decides whether a replacement vehicle is required. If this is the case, the operator calls the Omniplus 24-hour service hotline on 00800 40 20 40 20 to request a replacement bus or coach. The operator has to provide details of the Omniplus Service Card number, the final destination of the bus or coach and the number of passengers on board. The hotline staff then immediately order a bus and driver from the bus or coach operator in the Omniplus Bus Pool best able to provide a vehicle that fulfils the requirement profile. The driver of the replacement bus or coach ensures that the framework rental contract agreed between the bus or coach company and EvoBus GmbH is signed at the breakdown site. As soon as this formality has been completed, the passengers can be on their way again.
Only companies contractually bound by the Omniplus Bus Pool replacement bus and coach service conditions are used. The cost of the replacement bus or coach, based on standard and fixed daily rates and mileage rates, is simply charged straight to the Omniplus Service Card.
The new and attractive Omniplus Bus Pool service will initially be launched in Germany in autumn 2005. Following the successful conclusion of the launch phase, the service is scheduled to be introduced successively in further European countries from 2006 onwards.
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