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Sep 04, 2007
MultiClass 400 with a new vehicle length
  • S 416 UL makes this product segment even more versatile
  • Low-floor variants added to the rural regular-service range
  • Equipped with Euro 5 engines and an NOx sensor
  • Economy right down the line
The MultiClass 400 series has also been made more versatile by a new vehicle length. For the first time, Setra will present the 13.04-metre-long S 416 UL in , whose wheelbase of 6920 mm is increased versus the 6080 mm of the S 415 UL. This creates space for an even larger luggage Capa-City of 5.5 m3.
With a wide range of available appointments and seating, as well as a new appearance, the new model is the ideal solution for rural operations combined with excursions.
Low-floor variants added to the rural regular-service range
The S 415 NF, which has been on the market for one year, will also be on display in . This low-floor bus is a recent addition to the MultiClass 400, and extends the range of tailor-made solutions for rural regular-service operations and excur­sions for customers throughout . These low-floor vehicles are ideally suited to regular-service operations with a high level of passenger comfort, plus excellent facilities for adults with children or wheelchair users.
Last year’s market launch of the low-floor generation completed the comprehensive changeover of the entire Setra model range to the 400 series. All in all, the brand was able to sell around 23,000 examples of the touring and rural-service coaches in the 300 series.
Equipped with Euro 5 engines and an NOx sensor
Driving a Setra bus means being ready for the future. Both the MultiClass 400 buses on display at the fair in are already equipped with Euro 5 engines, which become mandatory from 2009, as well as a NOx sensor. This nitrogen oxide sensor is installed downstream of the SCR catalytic converter, and measures the levels of nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the exhaust gases to ensure that the legally prescribed nitrogen oxide limits, which are defined by the Euro 4 and Euro 5 exhaust emission standards, are not exceeded.
Economy right down the line
Regular-service operations on weekdays and the ideal vehicle for weekend ex­cursions: the MultiClass 400 excels with outstanding versatility and cost-effective­ness. The introduction of the S 416 UL now means that bus operators have a choice of seven models in this Setra product segment. The S 412 UL with its length of just 10.80 metres is the most manoeuvrable model, and is specifically designed for regular-service operations with its 45 "Transit" seats of in-house production. Owing to its short length, it is ideally suited to economical regular-service operations on topographically difficult routes with steep, narrow stretches. The other vehicles in the MultiClass 400 series are the 12.20-metre-long S 415 UL, the 14.05-metre-long S 417 UL and the S 419 UL, which measures 14.98 metres. A generous luggage Capa-City, comfortable seats and a wide range of appointments such as a galley, toilet and air conditioning systems make these vehicles the ideal combination for regular-service and touring operations. And when a low-floor bus is called for, the entry height for the 12-metre-long S 415 NF and 13-metre-long S 416 NF is just 360 mm when fitted with 11 R 22.5 tyres all round, with direct access to the level interior. Two vehicles which are tailor-made for regular-service operations with large passenger flows and varied applications. Available features include innovative door solutions, cockpit variants, different destination displays and numerous seating arrangements.
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