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Oct 10, 2007
Mercedes-Benz Econic: the specialist
  • Two and three-axle models with 18 and 26-t gross vehicle weight
  • Additional engines, “Blue Angel” environmental quality label for
    the natural-gas version
  • Extensive interior redesign
Although the Mercedes-Benz Econic’s main application is in the waste collection sector, it can also be used for fire-fighting or in airport ground service, for example as a low-height tractor for a tanker trailer. Its low cab with a completely level floor mounted on the lowered front section of the chassis frame and its low frame height of just 874 mm make the Econic pre-eminently suited to such applications. The Econic is also equipped as standard with full air suspension. Launched in April 1998, the Econic is long-proven as a fast and efficient vehicle with its low centre of gravity and low-slung cab, which also offers good visibility and manoeuvrability. Among the reasons for its popularity are the progressive steering system and, in the case of the three-axle Econic, the electronically/hydraulically steered trailing axle.
New diesel and natural-gas engines – “Blue Angel” environmental label
The Econic is available in two and three-axle versions, with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 and 26 tonnes. It is powered by in-line six-cylinder engines. They comprise the OM 906 LA, with output ratings of 170 kW (231 hp) and 205 kW (279 hp) and, since spring 2004, also the OM 926 LA developing 240 kW (326 hp). All diesel-engined Econic models are equipped with a 200-l aluminium fuel tank. The Econic is alternatively available with a natural-gas-fuelled engine, the M 906 LAG, which has a displacement of 6.88 litres and a maximum output of 205 kW (279 hp). All models are equipped with a six-speed Allison automatic transmission.
The natural-gas version is now certified on a voluntary basis as compliant with the EEV emissions standard and therefore even registers lower emissions than the Euro 5 limits. As such, the natural-gas-powered Econic has been certified in accor­dance with the “Blue Angel” environmental label. A further beneficial feature of the natural-gas Econic is low noise. Alternatively, a diesel engine plus particulate filter is available. The Econic range now includes new versions of the two-axle model, and of the chassis version with a steered trailing axle, featuring a wheelbase of just 3450 mm. These models are exceptionally manoeuvrable.
Interior significantly enhanced
The interior of the Econic has been extensively redesigned. Individual bucket seats with head restraints, similar to the seats used in bus models, now accommodate passengers in place of the three-seater bench. The new slip-resistant floor surface is also taken from the bus models.
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