Press Kit: The Setra Bus and Coach unit at the 2006 IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show
Sep 19, 2006
Setra highlights at a glance
Proximity Control (ART) (all TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 models)
The Proximity Control system reduces driver stress on motorways and similar roads. If ART identifies a slower-moving vehicle ahead, it automatically brakes to restore and maintain the separation distance preset by the driver.
Electrically folding exterior mirrors (all TopClass 400 models)
The TopClass 400 models are available with separately folding exterior mirrors as special equipment. This feature makes it easier to access vehicle washing facili-ties and to negotiate narrow openings.
Braun wheelchair lift (S 415 UL)
As an option, a Braun wheelchair lift can be fitted at the second entrance in combination with a double-width door and pushchair space.
Continuous Braking Limiter
(all TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 models) Introduced as a standard feature in the TopClass 400 and the ComfortClass 400, the Continuous Braking Limiter uses the retarder (only in vehicles which are not equipped with the ZF-AS Tronic transmission) to actively restrict the vehicle speed on the overrun in order to comply with the statutory speed limit. This speed stabilisation also functions when the transmission is in neutral and cannot be disabled by the driver.
DVB-T (S 416 HDH)
DVB-T stands for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial, the non-satellite-based method of broadcasting digital television and radio which allows transmissions to be picked up by a window aerial and fed to the passenger monitors.
EPS 03 transmission (S 411 HD)
The fully automated EPS 03 gearshift (based on the GO 190/210 six-speed syn-chromesh manual transmission) is available as special equipment for the Setra S 411 HD “Club Coach”. This system shifts gear and operates the clutch electropneumatically. There is no clutch pedal. The driver can choose between automatic and manual modes.
Panoramic camera (S 411 HD, S 415 HD)
Fitted in the instrument panel of TopClass 400 touring coaches, a front camera (panoramic camera) allows the scene ahead of the vehicle to be shown on the passenger monitors.
Glass roof (S 416 HDH, S 431 DT)
A glass roof over the centre aisle is available as special equipment for the S 415 HDH, S 416 HDH, S 417 HDH and the double-deck S 431 DT. The double-glazed roof is tinted and has a light transmittance rating of about two percent, which is comparable to that of a pair of snow goggles.
In-coach Internet access (S 416 HDH)
Wireless Internet access (via a WLAN router) allows passengers with standard laptop computers to surf the web or work while travelling. Four GSM channels (two on the D1 T-Mobile network and two on the D2 Vodafone network) ensure reliable data transmission on the move. The driver's area can be equipped with an MP3/i-pod interface.
Fuel consumption indicator (all TopClass 400 models)
The TopClass 400 can be equipped with a fuel consumption indicator in the cen-tral display. The data shown comprises journey time, distance covered, average speed and average fuel consumption since reset and the same parameters since the last engine start.
Sound system (S 416 HDH)
The Blaupunkt Coach 2000 Professional Line II radio system with a DVD changer (6 discs) comes with a sound system featuring loudspeakers above every double seat and bass reflex subwoofers. Low-frequency (bass) sounds are reinforced and accentuated by the subwoofers. The Blaupunkt DVD changer can hold six DVDs or CDs. It is able to play all current formats (DVD, MP3, CD-R etc.) and thus replaces the conventional CD player. The system is operated by means of the control interface of the Blaupunkt Coach 2000 system or the infrared remote control which is included as standard.
Lane Assistant (all TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 models)
The Lane Assistant uses a video camera to detect if the vehicle is about to leave its current lane. The system continuously monitors the distance between the side of the vehicle and the lane markings. If there is a risk of unintended lane depar-ture, the driver is alerted instantly by a pulsing “rumble-strip” sensation in the seat and instinctively steers the vehicle back towards the centre of the lane.
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