Press Kit: Mercedes-Benz "Stroke Eight"
Dec 09, 2007
The W 114/115 series in the media
"auto, motor und sport", Germany, issue 8/1968, on the dimensions of the W 115 and W 114 series: “The relationship between the exterior dimensions, trunk and interior is much more sensible in the new car. This is of great benefit for parking, since one can now get by reasonably well with the size of the average parking lot in central European cities. The large trunk is not just theory: With 520 kilograms of permissible payload, it can be exploited to the full.”
"auto, motor und sport", Germany, issue 8/1968, on passive safety in the Stroke Eight: “Today almost every automotive factory claims to build a highly rigid central cell and progressively deformable front and rear ends; but one can still be sure that when it comes to body solidity and accident safety, few can match and none can beat Mercedes cars.”
"auto, motor und sport", Germany, issue 8/1968, on the quality of the W 115 and W 114 series: “Nothing about this car is ‘cheap’, a fact that becomes obvious as a result of its safe functioning in daily use.”
"auto, motor und sport", Germany, issue 2/1975, on the 240 D 3.0, the world’s first passenger car to feature a five-cylinder diesel engine: “In practical driving conditions, the ‘large’ diesel also distinguishes itself from the smaller four-cylinder models with an appreciably more refined ride. Apart from the much better capacity for acceleration, it very clearly benefits at mid to high revs in particular from the shorter firing intervals resulting from an increased number of cylinders. In addition, one gets the impression that load change reactions between the pull and overrun modes of the engine are greatly reduced.”
"mot", Germany, issue 17/1970, on the 220 D and 220 D models: “They are technically the most impressive diesel models available, but also the most expensive.”
"auto, motor und sport", Germany, issue 15/1974, appreciates the new ignition technology of the 240 D 3.0: “Moreover the new pump uses a pneumatic shut-off rather than the previous mechanical device, which means the engine can be shut down simply by turning the ignition key. And starting the engine, too, is also achieved now [...] by a simple turn of the key. In the initial phase a relay is used for pre-heating until the control lights on the instrument cluster go out, then in the second phase the engine is started.
"Spiegel Online", Germany, January 23, 2001, on the Stroke Eight phenomenon: “Oh wonder or wonders – even automobiles can contribute to slowing and simplifying the pace of life. Not all of course, but the fully mechanical Mercedes-Benz 200 diesel from the W 114/115 series, with its 55 hp, two-liter displacement and 1.5-ton curb weight, is one such ‘calm-inducing’ factor. In an age rendered soulless by technological advances, it is the reincarnation of that longed-for slowness.”
"Spiegel Online", Germany, October 7, 2003, on the 35th anniversary of the Stroke Eight: “The mid-range sedan from the years 1968 to 1976 is a paragon of automotive functionalism – and yet it has become a true cult object.”
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