Press Kit: Brooklands – a race-track with a celebrated history
Oct 08, 2009
Mercedes-Benz at Brooklands
With its Brand Centre at Brooklands, Mercedes-Benz is creating a link to an earlier chapter in its own racing history, as well as building on the historic foundations of motor sport in general. After all, cars built by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, Benz & Cie. And – after the amalgamation of the two companies in 1926 – Daimler-Benz were a regular sight at the circuit in its heyday.
The Gottlieb Daimler Memorial Plate was awarded at the Brooklands circuit’s inaugural event in 1907 – a Daimler taking the race victory, as it happened, almost a lap ahead of the competition. In the Montague Cup the same day, a 120 hp Mercedes crossed the line first. There was no official time, but estimates put the car’s average speed at approx. 132 km/h (82 mph). Another 120 hp Mercedes came home second. Mercedes lead the way with £ 2,800 in prize money from that first season, and the company’s cars continued to enjoy regular success over the 32-year lifespan of the circuit. Indeed, the history of Brooklands has close associations with Mercedes-Benz.
The appendix contains a detailed list of all races and records featuring Mercedes-Benz cars.
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