Maybach "Zeppelin" DS 8
Jan 16, 2002
Important tips for driving the Maybach "Zeppelin"
All-inclusive: driving lessons.
Start of operation (operating and servicing instructions, 1932)
Starting the engine
  • Switch on the contact-body ignition.
  • Activate the fuel injection pump four or five times, then wait for two or three minutes.
  • Turn the manual throttle lever slightly so that the carburettor is opened by about a quarter.
  • Adjust the manual ignition adjuster to “ignition advance”, i.e. push the button.
  • Move the gearshift lever into centre – i.e. idle position.
  • Pull the starter flap and release slowly again after the first firing. (Starter flap should be used above all at low ambient temperatures.)
  • Allow the engine to warm up slowly until operating temperature is reached.
Starting off
  • Press the clutch and engage first gear (move the shift lever to the right and backwards, and both levers on the steering wheel downwards).
  • Release the parking brake, at the same time slowly release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator lightly.
  • On a steep hill, where first gear may not suffice to start off, it is recommended that gear 1a be engaged (move the shift lever to the right and forwards and both levers on the steering wheel downwards).
  • You should always start off in first gear. When shifting up or down, second and third gear can be skipped without problem.
  • Before reversing, the car has to be stationary: press the clutch, move the shift lever forwards and to the left and both steering wheel levers downwards, then release the clutch.
Changing gears on the move
a) Shifting into a higher gear:
When the car has set off, the small levers can be adjusted to the desired higher gear without operating the clutch and without having to take your foot off the accelerator. Following this, you have to release the accelerator completely to press the accelerator again after a short waiting period of one or two seconds. The desired gear is engaged automatically. During the short waiting period, engine speed is lowered and the shift dogs in the transmission engage automatically.
b) Shifting into a lower gear:
First adjust both levers on the steering wheel to the lower gear desired, then take your foot off the accelerator pedal only to press the pedal again softly without delay. The upward shift is performed automatically, merely through the raising of engine speed.
Switching off the engine
  • Take your foot off the accelerator pedal and press the brake pedal.
  • Declutch.
  • Move the shift lever into idle position.
  • Engage the parking brake. Set both levers on the steering wheel to the downward-pointing position.
  • Switch off the ignition, i.e. turn the key into “0” position and remove key (at night: park position 2).
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