Setra highlights at US bus show
New Orleans/Ulm
Jan 25, 2007
  • 500th sale of US-version S 417 touring coach
  • Luxury interior with leather seats and multifunctional galley kitchen
  • Setra presents first touring coach in USA to feature integral rear window
Setra is presenting two S 417 models, part of the TopClass 400 touring coach generation, at this year’s United Motorcoach Association Show (January 16-21, 2007) in New Orleans, Louisiana. In doing so the brand, which belongs to the DaimlerChrysler Group, is again underlining its ambitions in the USA as a provider of top-class luxury touring coaches.
The highlight of the Setra presentation at this year’s show is the 500th Setra S 417 to be produced for the North American and Mexican market – a vehicle which has already been sold to the New Britain, Connecticut-based transportation company “Dattco”. Features of the luxury model now on show in New Orleans include the “TopSky” glass roof, exclusive leather seats and a wood-design integral galley kitchen at the rear. A front-facing screen, positioned in front of the toilet, ensures that rear-facing passengers also have a good view of the latest video offerings or data transmitted via the navigation system.
The second show vehicle features the “TopTravel” LCD destination display. The panel can accommodate several lines of lettering and can be fitted and removed easily thanks to quick-release fasteners. This makes attaching it to other vehicles in the fleet a simple, straightforward process. Passengers can make themselves comfortable on seats featuring backrests and footrests which return automatically to their “home” position as and when required. The S 417 also features a reversing camera with colour rendition and a rear window. The latter is a new feature in the USA, as touring coaches there are invariably fitted with full-panel rear walls.
Another of Setra’s pioneering features on display at the show is the passively steered trailing axle. The fully automated ZF-AS Tronic twelve-speed manual transmission is a further innovative feature, its close-ratio gears adapting with extreme precision to the given driving situation. A display informs the driver which gear is currently engaged and indicates any faults. A diagnosis system automatically records and stores error sources.
The S 417 is equipped with a Detroit Diesel DDC Series 60 DDEC V engine with 452 hp which complies with the EPA 07 exhaust gas regulations which have recently come into force in the USA. Setra coaches are marketed in North America under the aegis of DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America, which has its headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. The S 417 is a member of the European Setra TopClass 400 touring coach generation and has been specifically conceived for the North American market. It was officially launched at the 2003 UMA Show in Orlando, Florida.
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