The Setra S 411 HD
Jun 30, 2010
With the S 411 HD on the road to success
  • The shortest variant of the new TopClass fulfils all customer requirements
  • Especially strong: a large luggage compartment and a small turning circle
  • Over 650 units of the compact touring coach sold in Europe
Eight years after its market introduction, the shortest variant of the new TopClass – the 10.16-metre long S 411 HD – is still a famous name for bus and coach operators all over Europe. Just a few months after the official presentation of the European touring coach generation in early 2001, with this “Club bus” Setra established a comfortable and extremely manoeuvrable coach, one which to this day is a permanent dimension in the continuously growing segment of exclusive small group and club travel coaches. For the Setra Alpine Pass Tour through Switzerland (June 21 – 24, 2010) the bus and coach maker from Ulm, which today belongs to Daimler Buses, has chosen to send two different equipment variants of the S 411 HD – one with 24 individual reclining seats and a lounge seating arrangement for six individual seats, and one with a conventional seating plan for 36 passengers.
Korean big industry also impressed by S 411 HD
Right from the start, the compact Club bus impressed bus and coach operators at home and abroad. This is shown among other things by the fact that in 2007 the 500th coach of this type was handed over, not in Germany, but in the Alpine republic, Austria. Coach operator Fischwenger in Strasswalchen in the district of Salzburg, is the owner of this jubilee coach.
And to this day, the two-axle high-deck coach has not relinquished the fast lane to success. By the end of May of this year a grand total of 650 units had been sold all over Europe. And far beyond. For a year now, the big South Korean cargo and container ship builder Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., has been using a Setra S 411 HD for tours of the company installations in Geoje, to take visitors to ship launching ceremonies and for transfer rides from and to the airport, showing that they place a premium on travel comfort of the highest level.
According to Lothar Holder, Sales Manager at Setra Omnibus’s EvoBus Ltd., this most compact representative of the new TopClass continues to be a heavyweight in terms of its success among their extensive touring coach range: “High customer satisfaction and excellent sales figures speak clearly of the great acceptance this economical touring coach enjoys, offering passengers the highest level of travel comfort in spite of its length of just ten metres.”
With its sales successes, the S 411 HD continues seamlessly those of its predecessor model, the S 309 HD of model series 300, of which 580 units were sold from 1991 until the market introduction of the S 411 HD in 2001.
Positive points of the S 411 HD: the highest level of comfort and extreme manoeuvrability
A first glance at the S 411 HD is enough to show what it is that has distinguished this most compact member of Setra’s advanced touring coach generation in a unique way for years now. Due to the then impending conversion to the Euro 3 European emissions standard, the S 411 HD was designed with a vertically-installed engine.
With its powerful, torquey OM 501 LA V6 engine delivering 300 kW (408 hp) and
1900 Nm at 1080 rpm, the S 411 HD tackles steep mountain roads with supreme confidence, being thus predestined for operation both in mountainous terrain as well as for more “sedate” travel on the level.
After the comprehensive facelift the Setra touring coaches underwent in 2008, its compact length, its wheelbase of 3760 mm and overhangs of 2215 at the front, and 2960 at the rear, all stand for the very essence of manoeuvrability. With these dimensions and small turning circle measuring only 17,360 mm, there is virtually no winding old-city lane too narrow, nor curve too tight for the S 411 HD.
Standing 3760 mm tall, the S 411 HD is as high as the S 415 HD with ComAir air conditioning, and with a width of 2550 mm, the vehicle offers the generous dimensions of a fully-fledged high-deck touring coach with every conceivable comfort and convenience feature. And as far as luggage stowing space is concerned, the great little coach leaves nothing to be desired for both coach operator and passenger. The
S 411 HD, equipped with a toilet, has a total luggage compartment volume of 5.7 m3. In its 4-star version with 36 seats this means 158.3 litres of luggage compartment volume per seat. The version with lounge, 24 reclinable seats and six individual seats in the rear has an even larger volume per seat: 190 litres.
Extensive safety package with assistance systems and FCG
Two type S 411 HD touring coaches will participate in the driving tests of the Alpine pass tour, both of which are equipped with the most advanced safety and assistance systems. These include the ESP Electronic Stability Program, Brake Assist (BA), Continuous Braking Limiter (DBL), Lane Keeping Assist (SPA), and the autonomous intelligent cruise controlsystem with Active Brake Assist (ART, ABA). In addition, with the Front Collision Guard (FCG) system, the S 411 HD possesses a unique passive safety system. The FCG system meets the requirements of an underride guard system according to ECE-R 93; it also complies with the ECE-R 29 pendulum impact test standard for the rigidity of a ribbed structure. In the event of the coach impacting another vehicle from the rear, the integrated crash boxes absorb kinetic energy, while the driver’s seat is shifted rearwards via a special module. Crash tests have confirmed the high effectiveness of this safety system which brings about a significant increase in passive safety both for the driver and the accompanying tour guide.
In both vehicles, 32 kW roof-mounted air conditioning systems with automatic climate control guarantee pleasant interior temperatures. When turning corners and manoeuvring the driver of the S 411 HD always maintains a good all-round overview. Both test vehicles assist the driver, in one case through a reversing camera with self-cleaning system mounted at the rear of the vehicle, and in the other vehicle by means of a reversing aid with visual display in the exterior mirrors.
Numerous appointment variants possible for the vehicle interior
The different appointment variants of the two four-star vehicles provide a good impression of the manifold possibilities open to bus and coach operators when it comes to comfort in the vehicle interior. The S 411 HD with lounge is equipped with 24 individual reclinable seats, lounge with six individual seats, a galley with a 40-cup coffee machine, a hot-dog heater, refrigerator and a WC. The second coach offers accommodation for 36 passengers. The galley features a two-pot filter system with two 2-litre jug-type insulated flasks for hot drinks and an 8.5-litre hot-dog heater. Above every twin seat there is an individually-regulable loudspeaker.
From the S 411 HD to the S 431 DT – an overview of the TopClass range
The new TopClass generation comprises the 10.16-metre long S 411 HD Club bus, the S 415 HD measuring 12.2 metres, the three-axle S 415 HDH with a length of 12.3 metres, the likewise three-axle, 13.19-metre long S 416 HDH and the S 417 HDH, measuring 14.05 metres from tip to tip. The flagship of this Setra Premium Programme is the 13.89 metre long double-decker S 431 DT coach. The new TopClass S 417 was conceived by Setra especially for the North American market and is adapted to meet the regulations in force there.
With its presentation of the TopClass 400 in 2001, Setra ushered in a new dimension in touring coach construction, one that guarantees travel at the highest level both for passengers and driver. To this end, innovative comfort features such as seats providing back relief, multimedia systems, versatile galley equipment and the unique glass roof above the centre aisle have been implemented. The ergono­mically-designed cockpit combines elegant functionality with a sense of the aesthetic.
Just eight months after its first public appearance, the TopClass 400 was voted “Coach of the Year 2002” by a European jury of specialised journalists. The jury based its decision, among other things, on the impressive technology and striking design as a symbiosis of form and function. From this moment onward, numerous international awards and prizes have followed.
All the vehicles of the new TopClass are equipped with disc brakes, electronic brake system (EBS), Antilock Brake System (ABS), Acceleration Skid Control (ASR), Brake Assist (BA) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP), an active system for the enhancement of handling stability and safety.
And when the Setra touring coaches underwent an extensive facelift in 2008 too, attention was focused on safety. Setra offers the new TopClass vehicles and the new ComfortClass with among other things, Front Collision Guard (FCG) – a module that displaces the entire driver’s workplace rearwards in the event of a frontal collision – and with an integrated absorber structure.
Late last year Setra delivered the first coach equipped with Active Brake Assist (ABA). In professional circles the ABA is also known as emergency brake assist. It reacts to slower vehicles travelling in front: if it detects the danger of a collision it emits a series of graded warnings, and if they are not heeded applies the brakes for an emergency stop. The system is coupled to the Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control (ART), using its sensors to detect the presence of possible “obstacles” travelling ahead.
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With the S 411 HD on the road to success
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