Business Class long distance Prague-Bratislava with Touring Bohemia
Mar 29, 2011
Streets ahead both in regular-service operations and on long-distance routes
  • Setra S 416 GT-HD on the Business Class long-distance route
  • Exclusive appointments with four-star spacing between seats
  • Work on the bus thanks to free WLAN and 220 volt power supply
Touring Bohemia, as part of the Eurolines network, operates the first Business Class route from Prague to Bratislava with Setra Comfort Class touring coaches. The equipment and appointments on board the S 416 GT-HD/2 in the ComfortClass 400 are geared towards the needs of business travellers. The comfortable Nimbus seats are generously spaced according to 4-star standards. A 220 volt transformer, with 12 sockets evenly distributed around the vehicle, ensures the supply of electricity for laptops and mobile telephones, while a free WLAN system means that passengers can connect to the internet at any time via laptop or multimedia mobile phone. And of course provision has also been made for entertainment on board the touring bus: a multi-channel audio system with connection points in the moulded recess on the back of the seats gives passengers access to music channels or to the soundtrack of any video film running on the screens.
The Setra Comfort Class 400 vehicles
The seven vehicle variants in the ComfortClass 400 combine a high level of comfort with economically attractive operating costs. The raised-floor and high-deck buses and coaches introduced by Setra in 2003, for excursion travel as well as for both long-distance and regular-service operations, represented a new departure in terms of vehicle length. The Ulm-based bus brand of Stuttgart’s Daimler AG seized the opportunity offered by the end of legislation limiting the length of a touring coach to 12 metres to offer noticeably more space in the interior as well as in the front entrance area. The use of an annular frame design, which gives the buses a high level of torsional strength, made it possible to lengthen the front section of the S 415 GT, the S 415 GT-HD, the twin and triple-axle S 416 GT-HD and the S 417 GT-HD, as well as to widen the vehicles. The basic body frame is protected by cathodic dip priming, as it is on the TopClass 400 touring coaches. Despite the new lengths, the angle of approach/departure was increased to 7.65% - a clear advantage when it comes to driving on narrow mountain passes or when entering bus stops.
A further distinctive feature of the ComfortClass 400 is its cockpit, designed specifically for this vehicle with full consideration to ergonomic aspects. The driver’s area, which in appearance is that of a touring coach, is equipped with a joystick shift lever, integrated navigation system monitors and a multitude of stowage areas for the driver's use. For use in regular-service operations, the installation of a ticket machine is easily possible. In the S 415 GT-HD and S 416 GT-HD, larger flaps on the luggage compartments as well as additional bulkheads provide even more load space and easier access for both driver and passengers. The right-hand-drive variants S 415 GT-HD and S 416 GT-HD, for countries where they drive on the left, were added to the product line-up in the spring of 2005. In the autumn of 2009, the brand launched its facelifted ComfortClass 400 vehicles, buses which include all relevant safety equipment as well as the Front Collision Guard (FCG) impact protection system as standard and, as options, a proximity-controlled cruise control system (ART), Active Brake Assist (ABA), Lane Assistant (SPA), powerful Litronic headlamps and a new navigation system, as well as a fire detection system as standard.
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12 Streets ahead both in regular-service operations and on long-distance routes
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