Setra Design Workshop 2012
Mar 03, 2012
Setra milestones and innovations
Karl Kässbohrer sets up in business as a cartwright
Kässbohrer start building buses
The first self-supporting bus, the Setra S 8, is launched
At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Setra introduces independent air suspension on buses for the first time
Launch of the Setra S 6 at the Geneva Motor Show
First Setra modular system and first articulated bus with self-supporting body in Europe
Setra becomes the first bus manufacturer to fit a retarder as a wear-free braking system
Launch of the 100 series and series introduction of independent air suspension
The 200 series, featuring the new cross-flow ventilation system, goes into series production. Over the next 15 years, this series will generate a multitude of new developments, including a three-axle high-deck touring coach especially for the US market and the first low-floor bus for rural regular-service operations in Europe
Setra introduces the first double-decker coach, the S 228 DT (Double-deck Touring coach)
ABS introduced as standard on all buses and coaches
Launch of the 300 series with new integral mirror system and exterior styling, plus ergonomically designed driver cockpit and, for the first time, a multifunction display system as standard
The Setra S 315 HDH is voted "Coach of the Year 1993"
The Setra S 315 NF is voted "Bus of the Year 96"
Setra presents the TopClass 400, setting new standards in terms of technology, design and equipment. In the same year, this new generation of touring coaches is voted "Coach of the Year 2002" at the "Busworld Kortrijk" show
Presentation of the S 431 DT double-decker coach at the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Launch of the S 415 HD in right-hand drive
Sale of the 1000th TopClass 400 vehicle
The S 417 for the North American market is officially launched in February at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) show in Orlando, Florida
The S 415 HD in right-hand drive is shown at a specialist show for the first time at the "Coach & Bus" show in Birmingham in September
Launch of two vehicles in the new-design ComfortClass 400 at "Busworld" in Kortrijk, Belgium
Sale of the 1500th TopClass 400 vehicle
From October onwards, all TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 vehicles are fitted as standard with the Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Launch of the Setra S 415 GT at the 60th IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover
Early March marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Setra S 6 compact bus at the Geneva Motor Show in 1955
In March, the northern German coach operator Imken Touristik takes delivery of the 3000th TopClass 400 vehicle – a Setra S 415 HD
In June, during an event to demonstrate the reliability and ride comfort of the low-floor bus S 315 NF held at the RVO (regional transport authority for Upper Bavaria) in Berchtesgaden, the 10,000th MultiClass vehicle, an S 315 UL, is handed over to the transport authorities of the town of Ludwigslust in the north-east German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Coach operator Birkmaier takes delivery of the 1000th ComfortClass 400 coach, a Setra S 415 GT
At the "Busworld" trade show in the Belgian city of Kortrijk in October, the brand launches the first two models in its new generation of rural regular-service buses, the MultiClass 400, in the form of the Setra S 415 UL and the Setra S 417 UL
Launch of the new proximity-controlled cruise control (ART) and Continuous Braking Limiter (DBL) safety systems in the TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 touring coaches
In early February, the 1500th Setra coach goes to Belgium. The milestone coach is an S 416 HDH with glass roof
The 5000th touring coach from the TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 series is handed over on 7 March. The vehicle, an S 416 HDH with a glass roof, proximity-controlled cruise control (ART) and 50 comfortable reclining seats, goes to the Swedish tour operator Stigen Buss AB in Stigen
Setra is once again represented at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) show, in New Orleans, Louisiana, this time with two S 417 models from the TopClass 400 generation of touring coaches. The highlight of the show that year is the 500th Setra S 417, which was produced for the North American and Mexican market, and was in fact already sold
Setra supplies its 90,000th vehicle since the brand came into being in 1951. The S 416 HDH, a model in the TopClass 400 generation of touring coaches, is handed over to coach operator Arnold Reisen in the German town of Dietmannsried, near Kempten im Allgäu, in February
The "Busworld" show in the Belgian city of Kortrijk is the setting for the brand to launch its new Setra TopClass 400 generation of vehicles. Following a comprehensive facelift, these touring coaches now offer considerable improvements in quality, engineering, safety and comfort
Setra supplies its 500th S 431 DT double-decker coach, which goes to coach operator Voyages Demy Cars in Luxembourg. Another milestone vehicle, the 500th S 411 HD touring coach, goes to coach operator Fischwenger in the Austrian town of Strasswalchen, near Salzburg
The Setra Show 2007 is the first to take place in the new Setra CustomerCentre in Neu-Ulm, which is also the home of the company's state-of-the-art DesignCentre
The 10,000th touring coach in the 400 series, an S 416 GT-HD/2, is handed over to the Turkish coach fleet operator Varan Turizm
In August, tour operator Avanti Reisen becomes the first coach company in the world to drive from Germany to China in a touring coach, a Setra S 415 HDH
At the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show of this year, the brand has ten exhibits from its current product range on show. These include the world premiere of the S 419 GT-HD ComfortClass 400 model
The low-floor S 415 NF MultiClass 400 bus is voted "Bus of the Year 2009"
Setra supplies its first touring coach fitted with the advanced emergency braking system Active Brake Assist (ABA). The owner of the S 416 HDH from the new Setra TopClass 400 series is tour operator Reisedienst Bölck
At the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) show, in Orlando, Florida, Setra launches two versions of the S 417 designed specifically for the US market. At the same time, the 25th anniversary of the brand's sales and marketing activities in the US are marked on the stand with the display of an S 6 from 1955
Setra hands over its 2500th bus from the MultiClass 400 series. The vehicle goes into service with German bus operator Albtal-Verkehrsgesellschaft
The 4000th ComfortClass 400 vehicle is delivered to coach operator Berr in the Upper Bavarian town of Bruckmühl
The facelifted touring coach Setra TopClass 417 is launched at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada
The 20th anniversary of the start-up of sales and marketing activities in the former East Germany
At the IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Setra exhibits its current product range, together with a new generation of passenger seats
Setra celebrates a double anniversary: 60 years of Setra, 100 years of expertise in the bus and coach industry. A Special Edition of the TopClass, limited to just 60 units, is launched to mark the occasion
The United Motorcoach Association (UMA) show in Tampa, Florida, sees the launch of the new Setra ComfortClass 407 touring coach, built to typical American design specifications
The Ulm-based bus and coach brand celebrates its 60th anniversary with a number of events. 2011 also marks a century since the start of bus and coach building in Ulm
Mid-March sees the handover of the 100,000th Setra vehicle since the brand was founded. The TopClass S 416 HDH is a member of the Special Edition which Setra unveiled in its anniversary year
At "Busworld" 2001 in the Belgian city of Kortrijk, Setra launches eight coaches in the current model series, including the ComfortClass Final Edition in the guise of an S 415 GT-HD
The brand delivers its 1000th Setra TopClass 400 double-deck touring coach. New owner is the Austrian Dr. Richard group, Central Europe's largest private bus and coach operator
Electronic Stability Program ESP comes as standard in the US touring coaches from 2012 onwards. The bus and coach brand within Daimler AG attends the UMA Motorcoach Expo in Long Beach with two coaches. The show stand was host to a TopClass S 417 and a ComfortClass S 407
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