Press Kit: The Setra Bus and Coach unit at the 2006 IAA International Commercial Vehicle Show
Sep 19, 2006
Setra milestones and innovations
1893 The company is founded
1951 The first Setra product line (S 8) is introduced in Europe
Coaches with the first independent air suspension are exhibited at the German Motor Show in Frankfurt.
The Setra S 6 is presented at the Geneva Motor Show

1959 First modular Setra system and Europe’s first articulated with load-bearing body structure
1963 The 10 series comprising six models is introduced
1964 Setra is the first bus and coach manufacturer to adopt a retarder (a wear-free continuous brake)
1967 Setra introduces the 100 series with independent front suspension as a standard feature
1971 The first S 130 is delivered to the UK
1976 Setra introduces the 200 series with an innovative cross-flow ventilation system. During its 15 years of production, Setra manufactures an extra-long model and Europe’s first low-floor overland coach
1984 Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) become standard on Setra coaches
Delivery of Setra number 40,000
1990 Hand-over of Setra number 50,000 in Berlin
1991 The European 300 series is introduced in Europe with modern body styling and an ergonomic driver’s area
1992 The Setra S 315 HDH is voted “Coach of the Year 1993”
1996 The Setra S 315 NF is voted “Bus of the Year 96”
1998 Opening of the service centre in Coventry and market launch of the right-hand drive S 315 GT-HD in the UK

Setra’s TopClass 400 is introduced in Europe, with distinctive styling and state-of-the-art technology.
The same year, this new coach generation is voted “Coach of the Year 2002” at “Busworld Kortrijk”

2002 Presentation of the S 431 DT double-deck coach at the German International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover. Introduction of the right-hand drive S 415 HD for countries with left-hand rule of the road.
The thousandth TopClass 400 vehicle is sold
2003 The S 417 (USA) for the North American market is officially introduced at the UMA (United Motorcoach Association) event in Orlando, Florida.
At the “Coach & Bus” exhibition held in Birmingham, England the right-hand-drive S 415 HD coach was shown for the first time at a trade fair.
Sale of the 1,500th TopClass 400 coach.
From October 2003 on, all TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 coaches   have the ESP Electronic Stability Program as standard equipment.
Two vehicles from the new ComfortClass 400 generation are presented at “Busworld Kortrijk”
The Setra S 415 GT is presented at the Hanover IAA Commercial Vehicle Show. With this fourth vehicle, the line-up in the Setra ComfortClass 400 is complete
2005 On February 23, EvoBus GmbH is able to look back over its first decade of existence
Early March marks 50 years since the premiere of the Setra S 6 compact bus at the Geneva Motor Show in 1955
In March, travel operator Imken Touristik based in northern Germany takes delivery of the 3000th TopClass 400 model, a Setra S 415 HD
In June, the 10,000th model from the MultiClass range - an S 315 UL - is handed over to the customer, Ludwigsluster Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH based in the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, during an event designed to demonstrate the reliability and ride comfort of the S 315 NF low-floor bus hosted by the Upper Bavarian Regional Transport authority in Berchtesgaden
In June, the 1000th model from the ComfortClass 400 range - a Setra S 415 GT - is delivered to bus and coach operator Birkmaier, based in Bad Urach, south-western Germany
Setra double-decker coaches can be ordered with an optional glass roof from autumn 2005. This makes the Setra S 431 DT the only double-decker touring coach to offer this exclusive luxury feature which creates an unprecedented sense of spaciousness
In October, the brand unveils two models from its new generation of MultiClass 400 rural regular-service buses - the Setra S 415 UL and Setra S 417 UL - at the “Busworld” trade fair in the Belgian town of Kortrijk
Premiere of the new proximity control and Continuous Braking Limiter safety systems in the TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 touring coaches. The proximity control system is available as an option for these coach models with immediate effect
2006 At the beginning of February the 1500th Setra bus was delivered to Belgium. This was an S 416 HDH model with a glass roof for Carolus Reizen in Mol-Hasselt, which has ordered six of these vehicles in total. Other comfort features include Ambiente seating, a galley kitchen and a CD/DVD-player
On March 7 the 5000th touring coach in the TopClass 400 and ComfortClass 400 series was delivered. This vehicle, an S 416 HDH with a glass roof, proximity control and 50 comfortable reclining seats was despatched to the Swedish touring coach operator Stigen Buss AB in Stigen, whose fleet consists exclusively of Setra coaches
A historic landmark was celebrated by the most successful Setra to date, the 200 series, which was launched 30 years ago. At the time it was voted “Coach of the Year 1977” by the European specialist press. In 15 years (1976 – 1991), 27,680 units in total of these models (Optimal, International, Rational, Regional and Communal) with 33 variants were sold
25 years ago Setra presented its first double-decker coach, the S 228 DT (Double-decker Tourism). At the time the trend towards vehicles with a higher seating capacity favoured the launch of such luxury coaches with a length of 12 metres, a height of four metres and up to 91 passenger seats
The Setra brand of DaimlerChrysler Buses & Coaches is presenting its current product range of ten buses and coaches at this year’s International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in Hanover. The highlight is the world debut of the new, low-floor S 415 NF interurban bus in the MultiClass 400 series. The market launch of the low-floor generation completes the changeover of the entire model range to the 400 series. Around 23,000 touring coaches and interurban buses in the preceding 300 series were sold
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