More light, more sight
Apr 23, 2010
Glossary: Terms and innovations from A to Z
Adaptive brake light: the brake lights flash to warn drivers behind more effectively if the brakes are applied in an emergency.
Adaptive Main Beam Assist: this system adjusts the range of the headlamps in accordance with the distance to oncoming vehicles/vehicles travelling ahead.
Active Light System: the Intelligent Light System's bi-xenon headlamps follow the driver's steering movements.
Lighting arrays with individually switchable LEDs: these consist of several high-performance LEDs on a circuit board, each of which can be individually activated to control the distribution of light according to the situation. This means that all conceivable lighting functions can be realised purely by electronic means -- from dynamic headlamp range control to fog lamps. In future, LEDs will also be able to provide the motorway mode, active light or cornering light functions merely by activating individual diodes. Moving parts such as those currently used for the active light function will therefore no longer be needed.
Motorway mode: from 90 km/h the entire width of the carriageway is illuminated, improving the driver’s range of vision by around 50 metres.
Bi-xenon headlamps: gas-discharge lamps for low and main beam improve safety at night.
Enhanced foglamps: This function of the Intelligent Light System pivots the offside headlamp outwards to illuminate the road verge more effectively.
IHC+ (Intelligent Headlight Control+): in this further development of Adaptive Main Beam Assist, the beam range of the headlamps is no longer changed when oncoming traffic approaches. Instead the oncoming or preceding vehicle is cut out of the beam with the help of a shutter in the headlamp. The result is reduced dazzle.
Intelligent Light System: This innovative headlamp technology provides five lighting functions which are activated depending on the driving and weather conditions (also see Cornering lights, Country mode, Motorway mode, Active Light System and Enhanced foglamps).
Country mode: this function of the Intelligent Light System replaces the previous low-beam headlamps and provides broader and brighter illumination of the opposite road verge.
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): LEDs are based on crystalline semiconductors which directly convert electric power into light. They emit light of a pleasant colour similar to daylight.
Night View Assist PLUS: the display in the dashboard shows a realistic grey-scale image from an infrared camera that monitors the road ahead of the vehicle. Any pedestrians detected are additionally highlighted in the display.
Reversing camera: as soon as reverse gear is selected, the dashboard display shows the image from a camera covering the area immediately to the rear of the coupé.
Lane Keeping Assist: a camera behind the windscreen recognises clear carriageway markings and gives a warning if the car unintentionally leaves its lane.
Blind Spot Assist: this radar-based system warns the driver before a lane-change if it detects another vehicle in the exterior mirror's blind spot.
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