Service-sector Products at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Shop
Sep 23, 2008
Service for Mercedes-Benz trucks: Service with a capital S
  • Comfort, safety, individuality: genuine Mercedes accessories
  • Genuine parts: uncompromising quality
  • Maintenance management: scheduled maintenance
  • Total Cost of Ownership: the ultimate in cost-effectiveness
  • Mercedes-Benz Service24h: round-the-clock assistance
  • MercedesService Card: cashless payment throughout Europe
Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles offers a wide range of services in addition to its extensive product line-up. Those who purchase or drive a Mercedes truck or van can count on comprehensive assistance and support from the time leading up to the vehicle purchase right up to the point at which the vehicle is returned at the end of its service life. This approach is reflected at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, where Mercedes-Benz service enjoys pride of place. Whether it be in the theme area, in the service provider centre or on the vehicles themselves, Mercedes service is omnipresent.
Comfort, safety, individuality: genuine Mercedes accessories
The new Mercedes-Benz Actros is here – and with it comes a range of custom-designed genuine accessories. The range includes individual visual enhancement measures such as a chrome package and roof light holders as well as a front and reversing camera system, a USB/iPod interface and a subwoofer for the radio system. Plus there is an auxiliary air conditioning unit to keep the occupants cool on hot days and nights. The Actros, Axor and Atego can be completely individualised; a fully equipped Actros truck is showcasing the wide range of accessories at the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover.
Genuine parts: uncompromising quality
Genuine Mercedes parts have been tested and custom-designed for the vehicle in question. This is why Mercedes-Benz stocks an extensive range of around 160,000 commercial vehicle parts, all of which are available around the clock and can be delivered almost anywhere. The range also comprises genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oils, for example, which are developed specifically to meet the mechanical and thermal requirements of Mercedes-Benz engines.
Mercedes-Benz WebParts: genuine parts just a click away
Mercedes-Benz WebParts – an online service – enables independent workshops and customers to order parts. At Mercedes-Benz WebParts, customers can order parts directly from a local Mercedes-Benz outlet – around the clock. They then have access to the complete Mercedes‑Benz Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPCnet), allowing them to locate precisely what they need from the range of around 160,000 genuine commercial vehicle parts in next to no time and with a minimum of effort. Ordered parts can be delivered or, alternatively, collected from the Mercedes-Benz outlet concerned.
Global Logistics Center: the right part at the right time in the right place
Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are backed by a highly effective logistics network. The central warehouse is located in Germersheim, not far from the Wörth truck plant in Germany. The Global Logistics Center supplies parts and accessories to some 400 service outlets in more than 180 countries around the world. The Global Logistics Center can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The range includes everything from the smallest screw to complete cabs.
Genuine remanufactured parts: ready to enjoy a new lease of life
Connoisseurs know that genuine Mercedes-Benz remanufactured parts display the same high quality as new parts. By way of example, engines are first disassembled piece by piece so that all the individual components can be checked. Genuine parts are then installed before, finally, the complete engine undergoes a rigorous programme of checks and tests. It all adds up to quality on a par with that of new parts, backed by an appropriate warranty. Genuine Mercedes-Benz remanufactured parts are considerably less expensive than their new counterparts. More than 70 product groups are available as remanufactured parts and can be supplied by the vast majority of outlets in the service network.
Maintenance management: maintenance according to plan
Prompt and careful maintenance is preferable to unexpected failures and repairs. Those who use FleetBoard and the Service Package Pricing System (SPPS) can see this for themselves: maintenance work that is due is communicated to the workshop from inside the vehicle itself. The workshop, in turn, can give the customer a price and a timeframe without the vehicle first having to come into the workshop. The upshot of all this is active maintenance planning: dates, maintenance work, time and costs remain transparent at all times.
Fixed prices for maintenance are an integral part of the maintenance management system. The Service Package Pricing System (SPPS) involves offering fixed prices for parts and labour whenever any maintenance work or repair of worn parts is required. Plus all popular trucks and vans are covered. At the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show, a Mercedes-Benz Axor equipped with the Telligent maintenance system is used to demonstrate the maintenance management system.
Star Diagnosis: Mercedes diagnostic technology
The right diagnosis is half the therapy. That's why the latest diagnostic technology is required in order to provide the perfect service. Star Diagnosis uses state-of-the-art information technology to quickly pinpoint any vehicle errors or faults. As a result, only parts that are actually defective are removed or repaired. All of which means fast and efficient repairs, low downtime and minimised costs. At the 2008 International Commercial Vehicle Show, a Sprinter van with a connected diagnostic tester is being used as an example to demonstrate the Star Diagnosis functions.
Mercedes-Benz provides service from a single source for both the tractor unit and the trailer or semitrailer. It goes without saying that Mercedes-Benz carries out service and repair work on trailers and semitrailers – as one would expect from a brand of such high calibre – not least because this reduces downtime and makes fleet management a great deal easier.
Total Cost of Ownership: the ultimate in cost-effectiveness
Efficient maintenance management is a key aspect when it comes to ensuring cost transparency; Mercedes-Benz goes even further than this: Total Cost of Ownership encapsulates all the cost-related aspects of a vehicle: service life, cost of replace­ment parts, part quality, maintenance and many other aspects combine to give a complete picture of a vehicle, making a comparison with competitors possible. For individual fleets, this analysis software can be used to perform invaluable economic profitability calculations based on invoices and receipts.
Mercedes-Benz Service24h: round-the-clock assistance
Whatever happens, Mercedes-Benz Service is always there for its customers. And Mercedes-Benz Service24h is a key ingredient: in the event of a breakdown or other emergency, the driver can contact the Mercedes-Benz customer care centre on a dedicated telephone hotline. The centre will then relay the information to the nearest service outlet. Qualified experts then rush to the site of the breakdown. This service is available around the clock in almost every country in Europe – without any language barriers. At the 2008 show, a Service24h breakdown assistance vehicle is used to demonstrate Mercedes-Benz Service24h.
MercedesService Card: cashless payment throughout Europe
Whatever happens, a single card is enough: the MercedesServiceCard is a reliable companion for drivers on the road in Europe. Not only does it allow the holder to take advantage of the services offered by Mercedes-Benz outlets and Service24h without having to part with hard cash, it also enables the driver to fill up at more than 25,000 filling stations operated by all the major fuel companies and pay European road and motorway tolls. The customer receives an invoice every 14 days, which simplifies their accounts and boosts their liquidity.
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