Press Kit: DaimlerChrysler at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006 in Hanover
Sep 19, 2006
Revolutionary innovation for trailer axles: trailer axle stores compressed air
  • New: DCA Airmaster uses axle tube as compressed-air reservoir
  • New: DCA Megamaster for trailers with high interior heights
DaimlerChrysler Trailer Axle Systems (DCA) is presenting a revolutionary development on Stand D 28 in Hall 26 at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2006. The world’s first trailer axle that stores compressed air for the brake system and air suspension in the axle housing. The nine-tonne axle therefore obviates the need for a conventional compressed-air reservoir and saves a weight of between 30 and 40 kilograms. From a technical standpoint, the axle corresponds to the air-sprung DCA Weightmaster system. The new axle, which is known as the DCA Airmaster, uses the axle tube as a compressed-air reservoir with a volume of about 40 litres. The axle is equipped with air-supply nipples and drain valves. In addition to reducing weight, the elimination of the compressed-air reservoir generates additional space for the trailers.
Another new product is the DCA Megamaster, which is also an axle for nine tonnes of axle load. DaimlerChrysler Trailer Axle Systems introduced this new axle just a few months ago and series production is currently being ramped up. The axle is designed for large-volume trailers with three metres of interior height, and is also based technically on the DCA Weightmaster. The axle can be equipped with either 22.5-inch wheels with large brake discs measuring 430 mm in diameter or 19.5-inch wheels with brake discs measuring 370 mm.
The basis for the entire axle family is formed by the DCA Weightmaster, which has been in its second generation for about a year now. The formed axle is based on the design for the heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Actros truck. Its low weight (from 395 kg, depending on the design), its durability, the low number of components as a result of the axle’s shape, and the maintenance-free compact bearings make it the ideal axle for heavy—duty freight transport in Europe and beyond. The axle is available in three versions and is equipped with wheels whose diameters range from 19.5 inches to 22.5 inches.
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