Daimler Buses at the Busworld Kortrijk/Belgium
Sep 08, 2009
Omniplus: new services tailor-made specifically for the bus sector
  • Omniplus: unique services for the bus sector
  • BusFleet: first fleet management system specifically for buses
  • Cost-effective operation: documentation and evaluation of operating
    and tachograph data
  • Economical driving: BusFleet records the style of driving
  • Improved security: location and route data can be accessed at all times
  • ServiceCard Basic and Premium: new, graduated ServiceCard concept
  • Financial certainty: no unpleasant surprises with breakdown services and charges
Premium services for premium buses: Omniplus, Daimler’s service brand for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches, ensures decisive service benefits for bus customers. With a high level of acceptance by customers of both brands, Omniplus has achieved an outstanding market position with its total concentration on bus-specific service packages.
Omniplus: unique services for the bus sector
The comprehensive range of single-source services provided by Omniplus saves time and money. With professional servicing and repair services, efficient driver and service ­training courses, a large range of used vehicles and tailor-made financial services, Omniplus provides a unique service for all aspects of the bus sector under the motto "Service on a higher level". With more than 600 European service outlets, all efficiently classified into Omniplus BusWorld and Omniplus BusPort outlets as needs dictate, Omniplus offers the largest bus-specific service network in Europe. One example of its capabilities is the replacement parts logistics centre in Neu-Ulm. The centre warehouses more than 100,000 genuine parts, from complete engines to the tiniest screw. All the components for a bus remain fully available for at least 15 years after its production comes to an end.
New: BusFleet fleet management system with graduated service cards
Omniplus is expanding its range of services to coincide with the Busworld fair in Kortrijk/Belgium from 16-21 October 2009. One new and unique service for this sector is the bus-specific fleet management system BusFleet. Graduated service cards are another new concept. Like all the services offered by Omniplus, both are specifically designed for the needs of the bus sector.
BusFleet: first fleet management system specifically for buses
Fleet operators are well aware that good control systems are indispensable for the cost-effective operation of a business. BusFleet, the new fleet management system from Omniplus, optimises the fleet’s cost-effectiveness. This telematic system is a tool developed specifically for the bus and coach sector, with the focus on economy and safety. It is available for all complete Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches in Europe, as well as for bus chassis.
Cost-effective operation: documentation and evaluation of operating and tachograph data
While systems already available in the market are above all designed to support vehicle scheduling within the typical operating profile of trucks, BusFleet will successively concentrate only on bus-specific aspects, with important content already developed to full maturity and available by mid-2010. This applies to both regular service bus and touring coach fleets. BusFleet enables all the key operating data for each individual vehicle to be continuously monitored, including the odometer reading, fuel level and fuel consumption, the coolant temperature and even the operating status of the alternators.
These numerous data are not only accessible in detail, but also form the basis for comprehensive evaluations and thereby allow intensive analyses of cost-effective­ness and technical aspects.
In the event of an unusually high fuel consumption, for example, the company is able to use the system for direct identification of the cause.
Data transfer from the company to the vehicle is also possible. For example text messages similar to an SMS can be sent to the display in the instrument cluster if the driver is otherwise unreachable.
The company is also able to monitor data from the digital tachograph on a continuous basis, for example driving and rest times. Moreover, BusFleet allows the regular transfer of cumulative data stored in the tachograph, wherever the vehicle is located. This greatly facilitates the legally prescribed retention of data if the vehicle and driver are absent for a longer period.
Economical driving: BusFleet records the style of driving
BusFleet also records the style of driving. Whether vehicle or engine speeds, cruise control switch-on times, use of the operating brakes or other information - these values provide a reliable basis for conclusions about the driver’s operation of the bus. Comparative evaluations can e.g. reveal whether a driver training course might be appropriate. BusFleet therefore enables the company to exert a strong influence on the cost-effectiveness of the vehicle: fuel consumption and wear can be optimised, as can the style of driving - the company has detailed information about the driving style and therefore the quality of work performed by the driver, and is able to take direct action if required.
More data will already be accessible soon
More date will be available via BusFleet in the immediate future, for example the door and ramp status for an individual vehicle, which is particularly significant for regular service operations. This e.g. enables operators to investigate complaints from customers who have been unable to catch their bus. The available data make it possible to establish precisely where the bus was standing or moving at the time in question. The operator can also reliably establish whether the doors were open or closed, i.e. if the bus was ready for boarding at a bus-stop or not. The signal "ramp status"can also be used to show the rate at which the folding ramp is used for passengers with mobility restrictions.
In addition, warnings and status reports on e.g. engine oil and transmission temperature, engine oil level, use of the retarder and the frequency of intervention by the Electronic Stability Program ESP will shortly be accessible. These and other data likewise allow conclusions to be drawn about the vehicle’s condition and the driving style of individual drivers.
Improved safety: location and route data can be accessed at all times
In addition to cost-effectiveness, BusFleet also optimises safety. The current location of the vehicle can be established at any time, and information on the route is also recorded. Apart from providing scheduling information for the vehicle and driver, this is a real security benefit e.g. in the event of theft.
Data are accessible via a standardised interface
BusFleet is not a stand-alone, brand-specific system: all the data are accessed via the standardised FMS interface (Fleet Management System) in the vehicle. BusFleet is therefore not only suitable for fleets with Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, but also for mixed fleets. All the large European bus manufacturers use the standardised FMS interface in their vehicles, and Omniplus immediately implements any updates to this Bus FMS standard.
Before transmission, the data are stored in an additional onboard computer. They are then transferred to a central server by GPRS. Registered BusFleet users have secure online access to the individual data and corresponding evaluations at www.Omniplus.com.
BusFleet: not only for new buses, as retrofitting is possible
All new Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses and coaches are equipped with the FMS interface necessary for the use of BusFleet as an option. It can also be retrofitted in vehicles from emission standard Euro 4 and upwards.
The costs for BusFleet are limited to the additional onboard computer and its installation, the use of the telematic services and data transfer. The latter two are charged for as an inexpensive, low two-figure monthly flat rate in Euro. The benefits to the operator are outstanding, as he has numerous data relevant to management of the business at his disposal.
With BusFleet, fleet operators are able to place their confidence in the reliability and service of a manufacturer-based system from Omniplus. This system was not only developed specifically for buses, but also successfully tested both internally and externally in all its functions with two large, international fleets.
ServiceCard Basic and Premium: new, graduated ServiceCard concept
Betting everything on one card? Clever business people avoid this, as does Omniplus with its new, graduated service card scheme. The previous Omniplus ServiceCard has now been upgraded to ServiceCard Premium. Customers who prefer to dispense with parts of its extensive range of services, for example the fuel, toll, tunnel and ferry service, can now opt for the new, cross-brand Omniplus ServiceCard Basic.
ServiceCard Basic: numerous services and a mobility package
The Omniplus ServiceCard Basic is combined with a mobility package. Both together provide a large number of services which include:
  • Omniplus workshop service
  • Free 24h service call number in the customer’s national language
  • Replacement bus service including driver from the Omniplus BusPool in Germany,
  • International address pool when a replacement bus is needed
  • Rapid breakdown assistance from Omniplus TireService in the
    event of tyre problems
Financial certainty: no unpleasant surprises with breakdown services and charges
In case of a breakdown this service not only ensures rapid and skilled assistance, for thanks to fixed, international billing standards there are no unpleasant surprises either. Fixed flat rates per kilometre throughout Europe, billing for travel costs to and from the scene limited to a maximum of 250 km, a precisely defined scale of surcharges for labour and replacement parts outside regular opening hours, payment of 50 % of the express costs when parts are ordered from the 24h service – all of this gives the operator and driver reassurance in the event of a breakdown, even in the remotest regions of Europe.
The combination of the Omniplus ServiceCard Basic and the mobility package also includes an initial credit of 2500 Euro. Experience shows that this amount usually covers the cost of breakdown assistance. Likewise normal workshop servicing, which is also processed using the ServiceCard Basic. If required, the amount can be increased within minutes by placing a call or online.
The breakdown service operated by Omniplus also responds rapidly as the situation requires: the driver contacts the international call centre via the 24h service in his national language. The call centre verifies the ServiceCard and informs the nearest service outlet, and a mechanic immediately attends to the problem. In rare cases of a most unusual breakdown, a specialist may additionally be involved via a hotline to provide extra backup.
Only a large manufacturer with an efficient organisation dedicated to buses is able to offer such a comprehensive, individually tailored service as Omniplus. Only a service such as this is able to resolve even the most difficult problems as the situation demands. And it is only a comprehensive service like this that gives both the operator and driver the necessary assurance and confidence to work effectively.
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