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Sep 04, 2007
Setra buses and coaches at "Busworld" in Kortrijk
  • World premieres on the Setra stand
  • Completely revised range on the Mercedes-Benz stand
  • Future-oriented environmental technologies for passenger transport
At Europe’s largest bus and coach fair, "Busworld 2007" in Kortrijk, Belgium, DaimlerChrysler Buses is presenting its ultra-modern range of touring coaches and regular-service buses with a total of 18 Setra and Mercedes-Benz vehicles in both Hall 5 and the outdoor exhibition area. Two Setra premieres will be celebrated with the new TopClass 400 and new variants of the Comfort­Class 400. The recently completely revamped bus range will be on display on the Mercedes-Benz stand, now rounded off by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Travel 65 from the minibus family. The touring coaches and regular-service buses under the Setra and Mercedes-Benz brands reflect the high technical standard of modern buses in terms of comfort, economy and safety. Blue-Tec 4/5 technology and the EEV range (Enhanced Environ­­mentally friendly Vehicles) are examples of future-oriented developments for environmentally friendly bus passenger transport.
World debut of the new TopClass 400: S 416 HDH and S 415 HD
The highlight of this year’s presentation on the Setra stand is the debut of the new Top­Class 400, which is now even more attractive. A comprehensive model facelift of the current touring-coach generation has incorporated numerous technical innovations and visual enhancements, offering coach operators even more advan­tages in terms of comfort, quality, design and, above all, safety. Setra will be exhibiting a S 416 HDH and a S 415 HD with an integral absorber structure and movable cockpit for the first time in Belgium. Both are features of the new Front Collision Guard (FCG) system, which also meets the requirements for an underride guard according to ECE-R 93 and the pendulum impact test – a test requirement for the structural rigidity of bus skeletons according to ECE-R 29. The further technical developments affecting the exterior and interior also include an upgraded cockpit, the introduction of the new, automated Power-Shift GO 240-8 MPS manual transmission and improvements to the front and rear ends of these touring coaches.
In addition to comprehensively upgraded versions of the Setra S 416 HDH and the Setra S 415 HD, which is on display in the outdoor area, the Ulm-based brand will be exhibiting another member of the TopClass 400 family in the form of the flagship double-decker model S 431 DT in Kortrijk.
ComfortClass 400: Setra S 416 GT celebrates its international premiere
Touring coaches representing the ComfortClass 400 include the weight-optimised Setra S 416 GT-HD/2. With this two-axle, rear entry model the brand once again demonstrates its great variety. The second exhibit from this model series for touring and occasional services is the Setra S 416 GT, which celebrates its inter­national debut in the outdoor area at the "Busworld" fair. By virtue of its low entry, this 13.04-metre-long touring coach is particularly suitable for travel groups including senior citizens. Owing to its price/performance ratio per seat, it is an outstanding example of how Setra is able to combine quality with cost-effectiveness.
MultiClass 400 with a new vehicle length: the S 416 UL
The MultiClass 400 has likewise been enhanced with a new vehicle length, and in Kortrijk Setra will be presenting the 13.04-metre-long Setra S 416 UL for the first time. Also on the stand will be the Setra S 415 NF. This low-floor vehicle was added to the MultiClass 400 one year ago, providing customers throughout Europe with a further tailor-made alternative for rural regular-service operations and excursions. Both vehicles are already equipped with Euro 5 engines and NOx sensors.
Mercedes-Benz bus range completely revised
The Mercedes-Benz range has been completely revised in recent years. With the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a completely new Minibus range with four model series and no less than twelve basic models has been developed, for example. This range is now rounded off by the new Sprinter Travel 65, which features a bus skeleton body, generous interior width, air suspension and fully-fledged touring-coach appointments.
Touring and rural-service operations
Coach travel at the highest level is offered by the Travego, the flagship model in the Mercedes-Benz range of touring coaches. The second generation of this series has been on the market since spring 2006, and betters the preceding generation in all major respects such as safety, comfort, appearance, appointments and environ­mental compatibility. With its safety features and driver-assistance systems, the Travego "Safety Coach" has become the trendsetter for the entire bus and coach industry. Two equipment lines (Fashion and Flair), as well as more than 250 additio­nal options, allow operators plenty of scope to configure the vehicle according to their requirements.
Mercedes-Benz now also offers more possibilities where touring coaches in the business segment are concerned. While the previous Tourismo was a stand-alone product, the new Tourismo introduced in spring 2007 is an entire model series with a business-oriented interior concept. The Mercedes-Benz Tourismo range now consists of four high-deck touring coaches with two or three axles. Like all Mercedes-­Benz touring coaches, these are equipped with exemplary safety features and environmentally compatible engines including Blue-Tec 4/5 diesel technology. Like its predecessor, the new Tourismo is rapidly becoming a bestseller in its market segment.
The Mercedes-Benz Tourino from the midibus range has become even more attract­tive for the 2007 season. New features including a variant with four-star seating, a compact galley at the rear entry, the cockpit and a higher-payload rear axle.
The Mercedes-Benz Integro designed for rural-service operations also enters the market in completely revised form. With three length variants and two or three axles, it covers the entire spectrum from short-range, suburban regular-service operations right up to long-distance rural operations. As for the touring coaches there is a wide choice of optional equipment, which means that the new Integro can be precisely configured for its role as a dual-purpose income generator.
Buses for urban operations
The success of the Citaro urban bus family has become the benchmark in the bus market. Ten years after its first launch, more than 17,500 units are now in ope­ration in almost all major European cities, as well as further afield. The Citaro has recently been visually and technically upgraded in numerous respects. The Citaro K, a com­pact and highly manoeuvrable version, rounds off the range and is currently exceeding all sales expectations.
Another derivative of the Citaro series is the high-Capa-City, articulated Capa-City, which is able to accommodate up to 193 passengers. It demonstrates very well the attractiveness of the bus as a transport system for the needs of the future.
Future-oriented environmental technologies for passenger transport
In Setra and Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, the stringent Euro standards for exhaust emissions are met with Blue-Tec diesel technology based on SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment. This combines ecological requirements with economic aspects in a previously unprecedented way, as witnessed by the fuel-consumption-related cost advantages for operators and independent SORT measurements (Standardised On-Road Test Cycles) according to UITP guidelines.
Setra and Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches have been gradually offered with Blue-Tec 4 technology since early 2006. By the end of 2007 the Blue-Tec 5 variant will be available for almost all models, even though this will only become mandatory at the end of 2009. EEV versions of almost all Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches are available for transport operators who demand even greater reductions in exhaust emissions. A further step towards lower emissions and lower fuel consump­tion will be taken by the hybrid bus, which is due to be introduced at the end of 2007 on the basis of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro.
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